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Accessories for the Real World
Added Value for your Yellowbrick Adventure Tracker

Yellowbrick V3 MKII Standard in its retail package with accessories

Yellowbrick V3 MKII Standard in its retail package with accessories

Beside being fully featured, Yellowbrick adventure trackers offer a broad range of high quality accessories to fit your needs, no matter where you’re planning to use it.

As Yellowbrick is developed and tested in the real world, also its accessories are studied to give you the best performance and ergonomic fit, wherever your adventure takes you.


Soft Pouch – Adventure Tracker’s Second Skin

Pouch Belt

Lightweight, robust and perfect for temporary mounting, with two very strong Velcro straps for attachment to rails, backpacks, belts etc.

The pouch also has a number of cable tie points for more difficult attachments.

The pouch is custom fitted to the Yellowbrick design, with quick easy to release velcro straps on the rear and base. You can be sure your Yellowbrick is well secured.

This Summer G-Layer is pleased to offer a FREE soft pouch for every Yellowbrick sold. (RRP $27.50inc) Don’t miss out the special offer, buy a Yellowbrick adventure tracker now!



Quick release bracket – A Must Have for your Boat or Vehicle

Rockstar Permanent Mounting

Developed for yacht races, the quick release mount is Ideal for installations on-board yachts, 4WDs, motorbikes, jetskiis, helicopters or aircraft.

A secure fixing is attached to a rail, wall or any RAM-compatible mounting solution. A thin bracket is added to the back of the Yellowbrick. This then allows the Yellowbrick to be securely fixed in place, but also safely detach from its mount when required.

Yellowbrick does not fear the elements and can be securely installed outdoor, the quick release mount is UV resistant and comes with stainless steel bolts to withstand salinity and moisture.

Tracking Devices for Aircraft Fly Safely with Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick V3 MKII, in it’s PRO version, safely mounted thanks to its quick release bracket


Permanent Power Block
Your Adventure Tracker Even More Versatile

Permanent Power


In case Yellowbrick’s huge 5300 mA LiPo battery is not enough for your applications, we have the permanent solution. An IP67 (waterproof) power supply unit, to allow your Yellowbrick to run on a permanent power supply.

The Yellowbrick will charge when power is present, and will run on its battery when power is not applied. Designed to run on any DC power supply from 9v to 30v, ideal for yachts and vehicles and compatible with the Quick Release Mount.

If the permanent power block is fitted and connected to your vehicle’s battery, a geo-fence alert can be programmed, turning Yellowbrick adventure tracker into an anti-theft device. a power-loss alert can also be programmed to detect tampering in case the Yellowbrick is disconnected or removed.

On request, the Permanent power block is also available with NMEA data cable, so Yellowbrick can upload serial data from an NMEA device when transmitting routine positions!


Yellowbrick Adventure Tracker
Packed with Features and Technology

new prices

No matter what your application is, nor where adventure might take you , we have a model of Yellowbrick that satisfies your needs. Basic, Standard, Professional or Corporate, we’ll make sure you’ll get the best out of your Yellowbrick adventure tracker.

Check out the vast array of features such as alerts, waypoints, geo-fence alerts, temperature (high and low) dead-man switch etc… This is all available and packed in a pocket size device, which offers you super accurate tracking and reliable two-way messaging.

If you wish to know more about Yellowbrick adventure tracker, give us a call now!




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