Accessorising the RockStar for the best Remote Personnel Tracking Solution

Rockstar HandThere are a range of useful accessories available for remote personnel tracking with the rugged Rockstar devices.

The RockStar by Rock Seven is the industrial version of the famous Yellowbrick tracker, and it has become an absolute must for personnel protection in the remote work environments we encounter in Australia.

Most of our clients operate across challenging outback or off-shore locations, and they require the toughest of equipment to keep track of their equipment and personnel.

In this week’s article we want to take a look at the accessories available for making the RockStar devices even easier to use for you, or your company’s “road warriors”.

Quick Release mounting system

rockstar remote personnel trackerLet’s start with the Quick Release mounting system, custom built for the RockStar and Yellowbrick trackers, as the trackers are built with the same case – the quick release mount is rigidly connected to the rear of the device using three vibration proof screws.

The mount is in two parts; the frame that stays attached to the rear of the tracker, and the base plate that is designed to attach securely to a railing / dashboard / RAM adapter.

The diagram below explains how this works.

Quick Release Mount remote personnel tracker

Quick Release Mount for Remote Personnel Tracking

The quick release mount comes with a four bolt (or screw) base plate with locknuts that can be used to clasp around a hand rail, or screw directly to a surface for a permanent installation.

The base plate of the mount is also designed to be compatible with the RAM “ball” mounting systems, with four bolts and lock nuts. This enables a flexible but very strong connection to a RAM suction adapter, for placement on a window or windscreen.

This way you can relocate devices from vehicle to vehicle for a fully flexible remote personnel tracking system.

photo of ram windscreen install:

Aircraft Tracking System - RockSTAR

The RAM components required are sold by G-Layer, but if you want to source them separately, we can let you know the exact model numbers to order, just get in touch.

Visit our shop for up to date pricing on the Quick Release mounting system.


RockStar Soft Pouch

A second skin for the RockStar remote personnel tracker.

softpouch remote personnel trackerNext let’s look at the soft pouch, or the RockStar’s second skin as we like to think of it.

This is by far the best value option – a lightweight and rugged pouch that cradles the RockStar perfectly, with a velcro release that keeps the tracker secure on your workbelt, backpack or a handrail.

Originally designed for yacht racing, the soft pouch has even circled the world mounted on the rail of a racing yacht, with a Yellowbrick held securely out in the elements. So you can be sure the tracker is safe in this affordable pouch.

The Soft Pouch is custom designed to not block the GPS or Iridium antennas.

Pouch Belt

 For more info on the Soft Pouch, check out the shop.

Permanent power block

The Rockstar remote personnel tracker

yb3 power unitFor full-time installations you will need a power supply system that matches the ruggedness of the RockStar tracker itself.

G-Layer are pleased to offer the dust-proof and waterproof (IP67 rated) permanent power solution, to make a complete install for a remote personnel tracking solution.

The power supply even has a dust-proof usb connection to the tracker for long term continuous operation in harsh environments. These little bricks are very over engineered, much like the trackers themselves. They accept input voltage from 9v-30v DC. A real advantage of a hardwired installation is the power disconnect alarm, that will let you know if someone is tampering or removing the RockStar, a great anti-theft option.

Click here to read more about the permanent power supply.

RockStar – Remote Personnel Tracking

If you need any assistance to set up the perfect charging or mounting solution for your remote personnel tracking system, of course the team at G-Layer has tons of experience and we’re more than happy to help.

We make a point of looking after our fleet customers and we can tailor the ideal setup to your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly guys at G-Layer.




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