Around Australia with Jack and Jude

Yellowbrick tracking device Around Australia with Jack & Jude

Our customers Jack and Jude contacted us yesterday using their tracking device, from Bunbury, Western Australia. All is well on board  S/Y Banyandah, on another journey around Lucky Country. Many more stories and new encounters the couple happily shares on their popular blog.

Since they departed Ballina, in early July, their website has a new tool, a link with their Yblog  always displaying their GPS position. 

We supplied them with a Yellowbrick Standard tracking device and messenger, making sure they get the best value and performance out of the equipment. 

Jack and Jude are avid consumers of Yellowbrick resources, they have made several competent remarks about our web interface (Yblog). We  really appreciate their feedback and suggestions for improvements.

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Highly recommended by Jack and Jude – Yellowbrick tracking device and messenger

Jack and Jude are very pleased to suggest the Yellowbrick tracking device to the sailing community – see their thoughts below:


For many years we cruised the world’s oceans with our friends and family wondering if we were safe on the high seas. Even today, Jack recalls the relief in his dad’s voice after he completed a gruelling 45 day leg across the notorious North Pacific.

Now of course, it’s such a simple solution to take a Yellowbrick with you on your trip, and everyone can follow you on a simple web page. But there’s so much more to these devices than just a location on a map.

As always, our yacht has an EPIRB and Personal Location Beacon, both of which will set off a MAYDAY response, activating a full search and rescue when all that might be required is a little support from back home when we’re nowhere near mobile or VHF range. Or we may, when hundreds of miles away from typical communications range, just want to let the kids at home know that things are running well.

And from what our friends back home have told us, they absolutely love to follow our progress on the Yblog, which gets so many hits.

For such an affordable cost we have got a bulletproof device that clamps to our aft deck tower and automatically communicates with the Iridium satellite system. We can even connect to it from our iPod to send and receive messages costing us less than $0.20 per 50 characters.

G-Layer at Byron Bay are the guys you should to talk to. They’re incredibly helpful with everything, and an eco-friendly operation as well.”


tracking device – let your loved once know you’re ok

Thanks for the update guys and fair winds! We’ll see you back in Ballina, sometimes in 2014.

We’re very happy to hear our tracking device meets your expectations!

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