Around Cozumel with our Mexican VW

Around Cozumel with our Mexican VW

Only a few more weeks before coming back to Australia, so Emma and I decided to spend our last day off doing “gringo” things around the Island of Cozumel, Mexico.
Cozumel is a paradise in the Caribbean sea,  south of the Yucatan peninsula. The small island is world famous for its coral reef,  its Maya archeological sites and the delicious Frozen Margaritas.

Plenty of outdoor stuff: Iguanas, bugs and tropical vegetation over 400 square miles, surrounded by turquoise water and abundant wildlife.

Without wasting any time, we left in the morning, determined to hire a proper Mexican ride!

Piece of cake.  After a short walk, we were confronted by hundreds of sales men, all offering VW convertibles for hire. 45 Bucks later, the VW is promptly appearing from around the corner.

Good as Gold! Seatbelts are missing, the handbrake does not work, the brakes do not brake and the reverse gear does not clutch in!  Oh well, it all adds to the adventure and as long as the engine runs, there is no need for air-con and other frills in paradise.


Yellowbrick GPS Tracker – Tracking and Communication

I never leave the boat, bound for the unknown without my trusted communication equipment. I had my favourite gear packed  the night before our adventure. Travelling light is a pleasure, therefore I left behind my mobile phone. The few towers in sight carry expensive roaming costs. If I need to know the time, I’ll just ask a local…

Since I need voice communications with the boat, I’ve packed an Entel UHF (HT883IIA), it will keep us in touch with the base for good part of the day. It’s not a toy radio, it’s a real workhorse, but it has its limitations in terms of range. An HT883  is good for almost 8km line of sight, but the dense vegetation will absorb a good portion of its RF power.
Behind line of sight, there is only one piece of kit I trust, it’s the Yellowbrick GPS tracker.

My Yellowbrick GPS tracker has been around the world with me, to the North Pole, to the Amazon Jungle and to many memorable places. Now we can add another flag to the collection!
The Yellowbrick GPS tracker worked as expected even under the Mexican sun. Rugged and reliable, always sending our exact position at 15 minute intervals, or whatever I set.
No matter how clunky is our Mexican VW, it’s always good to know I can push a big red button in case of trouble.
My colleagues, back at the boat, always know where I am and they will send help in case of need.

GPS Tracker Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker – Flexible Plan
No lock in contracts

Arguably the best GPS tracker out there, the Yellowbrick comes with a truly global and flexible plan. Minimum commitment is one month, credits are cheap… even cheaper in bulk and they never expire. Our GPS tracker is a bit more expensive upfront, but you’ll own the tracker from day 1 and we will never lock you in to expensive contracts. Check our pricing structure for more details clicking here.

Pay only for the months you use the Yellowbrick. If you don’t use it, you don’t need to pay a single cent. Easy!

Purchase a Yellowbrick GPS tracker from our shop or get in touch for further info. Click here for Shop.

Next  I’ll be in India, I’m sure I’ll find some adventure there! Maybe hire a Bajaj?

Travelling in Mexico



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