Sponsoring the B2M4A Alzheimer’s Awareness walk with Yellowbrick

Keeping the team safe and connected with
Yellowbrick 3 Satellite Tracking

Sponsoring B2M4A Alzheimer Awareness walk Yellowbrick

It’s nearly a month since we farewelled AJ and his family on their huge journey, and now they are almost at their destination after a massive walk which took them from Brisbane to Melbourne.

It was 27 days ago when we first covered the brave family’s departure from Brisbane, and since then they’ve covered a lot of ground, with their arrival in Melbourne imminent in the next few days. You can see their live position on the Yellowbrick embedded map here:


B2M4A Alzheimer Awareness

I’ve spoken briefly with AJ on the phone yesterday, here is what he told me:

“Myself and wife do not regret for one moment taking on this awesome adventure for a cause so close to our hearts – Alzheimer’s disease.

Everywhere we go people are intrigued as to what we are doing and everyone asks why. Once we explain, about 99% of the people we speak to say they have encountered someone with Alzheimer’s but do not talk about it. We hope by doing this walk people will start to ask questions and understand the disease.

We have walked in temperatures higher than 40 degrees and lower than 2 degrees. We’ve walked main roads and even the in bush almost getting lost. But one thing that kept us sane was knowing we had the safety features of the Yellowbrick. Our friends and followers all are greatly impressed by being able to follow our every step. The Yellowbrick tracker weighs next to nothing and I forget that it’s even there.

Thanks again to G-layer for their generous sponsorship of equipment and the Yellowbrick3 tracker for this mission.”

Yellowbrick Satellite Tracking

G-Layer are proud that we could help AJ and his family, and their mission to bring awareness of Alzheimer’s disease to the Australian public.

We are pleased that the Yellowbrick satellite tracking system worked so well for them on the journey, keeping them safe and connected at all times and places.




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