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YB3 Aircraft Tracker on board of Yellow Tiger Moth

aircraft tracking

YB3 aircraft tracker, the yellow tiger moth and my midlife crisis None of us are getting any younger. After forty, many of us blokes try to deny this fact and youthful activities become very attractive. So, for a while now I’ve been watching the local biplanes doing […]

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Global Flight Tracking with FlightAware, RockSTAR and RockFLEET

Flight Tracking GPS

Enhanced Global Flight Tracking with FlightAware, RockSTAR and RockFLEET integration. Rock Seven (makers of the RockSTAR and RockFLEET devices) announce Partnership with FlightAware for new Global Flight-Tracking service. Aviation operators using RockSTAR and the new RockFLEET trackers can now benefit from industry leader FlightAware’s web-based global flight […]

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YB3 tracking system in Antarctica with Tim Garrett

GPS tracker antarctica

Professional or recreational, YB3 is the right tracking system for you. Summer hasn’t started, but this is the time of the year when our YB3 tracking systems are in high demand. Planning an adventure takes time and preparation, having the right electronics is paramount for communications and […]

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Iridium GO! To Australia

iridium go

Iridium GO! Is finally available at G-Layer in Australia. Designed with the present and future in mind, Iridium GO! turns your Smartphone or Tablet (IOS/Android) into a satphone and much more… Featuring voice, data, positioning, social media and GEOS alert, Iridium GO! Is a rugged and well […]

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YB Adventure Tracker for Your Events and Expeditions

Tracker Device Cycling

Whether you’re a polar explorer or even a high school expedition leader, YBTracking and G-Layer provide the best Adventure Tracker on the market. The YB Tracker is a mature product, with a well-proven history of expeditions around the world. It is a fully automatic self-contained satellite tracking […]

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Spring Specials with Yellowbrick Tracking Device

Eastern Specials Freebies for Every Yellowbrick Tracker Purchased

Spring specials at G-layer– Free shipping and a soft pouch for every Yellowbrick tracking device! Until the end of  Spring, we want to reward our adventurous customers by offering a special deal. There are hundreds of happy Yellowbrick owners in Australia. This season, G-layer offers a free […]

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Yellowbrick Remote GPS Tracking System Follows the Darwin to Ambon Yacht Race


Remote GPS tracking technology of YBTracking is called on to monitor the blue water annual rally. The Darwin to Ambon Race and Rally  is an event for any blue water sailor on the look out for an adventure, and this year the remote GPS tracking solution is […]

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Why Yellowbrick Satellite Tracking Device? Why Not!

Satellite Tracking Device

So, have you been wondering, “Why should I choose a Yellowbrick satellite tracking device instead of a cheaper alternative?” The answer is, that purchasing a Yellowbrick is actually the clever option that will actually save you money after only a few months. Since we first tried the satellite […]

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Yellowbrick Adventure Tracker Supports The Dark Ice Project

Adventure Tracker

More great feedback on the Yellowbrick adventure tracker, from real world extreme locations. At G-Layer, we already know about the legendary ruggedness of the Yellowbrick adventure tracker, but it’s always great to get some new feedback from the outside world. Have a read of this update from […]

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Own a yacht? The Yellowbrick Satellite Tracking Device Will Keep You Safe

Boat gps tracking device

There are so many of us down under who have the dream of owning a yacht and sailing the beautiful clear waters of our seeming limitless coastline. It’s a dream that has come true for a lucky few of us, whether in a shiny new Beneteau or […]

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Accessorising the RockStar for the best Remote Personnel Tracking Solution

Rockstar Going Solo

There are a range of useful accessories available for remote personnel tracking with the rugged Rockstar devices. The RockStar by Rock Seven is the industrial version of the famous Yellowbrick tracker, and it has become an absolute must for personnel protection in the remote work environments we […]

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Personal GPS Tracking Device – Yellowbrick and G-Layer with Eric Philips

Personal gps tracker Yellowbrick

For over a year we’ve been supporting Eric Philips with our Yellowbrick personal GPS tracking device. Besides being a great professional, Eric is also a friend. I was lucky enough to participate in a Polar expedition which he lead, and I’ve always been fascinated by his “expedition” […]

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Save on your boat insurance with the Yellowbrick GPS tracking solution

GPS tracking solution

Yellowbrick and G-Layer provide the perfect GPS tracking solution for your yacht or powerboat. If you’re a boat owner like many of us in Australia, then chances are you could be spending a small fortune on insuring your vessel. Whether it’s for work, or a cruiser or […]

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RockSTAR and Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System – What is the difference?

Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System

Quite often we hear the question, What is the difference between RockSTAR and Yellowbrick GPS tracking system? G-Layer is the importer for both products and represent Rock7 Mobile in Australia, we stock and resell Yellowbrick and RockSTAR, so, let’s see in details the two GPS tracking systems: […]

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Thuraya SatSleeve and Yellowbrick Personal GPS Tracker – WA Road Test

Thuraya SatSleeve

The Thuraya SatSleeve and Yellowbrick Personal GPS tracker don’t have much in common. They operate on different networks for different purposes but they are both communication devices and high quality products, so G-Layer keeps both in stock. While taking a business trip and a few days holiday […]

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The Best Vehicle Tracking System for the Gibb River Road

The Best Vehicle Tracking System

Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system is as rugged as the Gibb river road. After supplying it’s industrial version, the RockSTAR, to several customers in the Kimberly region, I’ve decided to go and take a joyride up there. It’s now dry season and the Gibb river road is finally […]

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Personal Tracking Device – Bushwalking with Yellowbrick

Personal Tracking Device

Yellowbrick personal tracking device – Mornington Wilderness Camp, Kimberly region. I have taken my Yellowbrick personal tracking device with me bushwalking in many beautiful areas, but recently I found a very special place where there a few people and many birds and animals. The Gibb River Road […]

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Yellowbrick GPS Tracker, there is No escape

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

There is no escape with Yellowbrick GPS tracker You’d think the Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys would be the perfect place to get away from it all; there’s no electricity grid, no paved roads and no GSM coverage. But when travelling with Gionny from G-Layer, I’ve […]

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Yellowbrick Sat Tracker – The Ultimate GPS Tracker for On and Off Road

B2M4A the journey

4WD, camper or caravan, the Yellowbrick sat tracker has got you covered. You don’t realise what a huge country Australia is until you set out to cover some serious distance, and this is when a reliable and rugged sat tracker can be a lifesaver out in the […]

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G-Layer provides GPS Tracker and equipment to Expedition Hope – an update

GPS Tracker

G-Layer is sponsoring equipment and expertise for expedition across the Arctic Ocean, including the Yellowbrick GPS Tracker and Iridium AxcessPoint. Our friend Eric Philips, the renowned polar explorer, is still out on the Arctic ice sheet with the documentary makers Bernice Notenboom and Martin Hartley. They’re on […]

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RockStar – The toughest Personnel Tracker for Remote Regions


Kimberly Regional Service Providers – (KRSP) select G-Layer and RockStar for their personnel tracker needs. It’s was over a year ago that G-Layer was approached to provide a solution for monitoring remote workers for KRSP in Broome, West Australia. KRSP were keen to ensure the safety of […]

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Live Aircraft Tracking With the RockStar from Rock7 and G-Layer

Live Aircraft Tracking with Rockstar tracker

Flying in vintage aircraft with the RockStar live aircraft tracking in New Zealand. Something a bit different this week as one of the G-Layer RockStar aircraft trackers comes for a ride on a classic warbird over the beautiful Southern Alps of New Zealand. I’m over in Wanaka […]

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Aircraft Tracking System – RockSTAR

Aircraft Tracking System - RockSTAR

Staying Safe in the Skies with the RockSTAR aircraft tracking system. Knowing the whereabouts of an aircraft of any size has historically been a tricky problem. Original technologies were cumbersome and error prone, using HF and VHF radios, direction finding (VOR) and distance measuring equipment (DME) to […]

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Free shipping on Thuraya SatSleeve – Easter specials at G-layer continue


Thuraya SatSleeve: Imagine using your smartphone to place satellite phone calls well beyond the boundaries of the GSM network! At G-Layer we finally have available the world first satellite adapter for Smartphones and only until Easter we offer free shipping countrywide for every Thuraya SatSleeve sold! Easter […]

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Easter Specials at G-layer – Freebies for Every Yellowbrick Tracker Purchased

Eastern Specials Freebies for Every Yellowbrick Tracker Purchased

Easter is coming… and that means more specials at G-layer – Freebies for every Yellowbrick  tracker purchased. For a short time you can get a free soft pouch with every Yellowbrick tracker order, while stocks last. Easter is just around the corner, so we thought we’d celebrate […]

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RockStar Safety System – The Ideal Lone Workers Tracker

RockStar Safety System - Lone Workers Tracker

The RockStar lone workers tracker has been a huge success story for safety in the Australian workplace. Not all of us are lucky enough to have an air conditioned office to work in every day, many of us are truly “out there” where no mobile phone call […]

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It’s here at last! The SOL Solar Powered Laptop

SOL Solar Powered Laptop Preview

Today is an exciting day at G-Layer, as we have taken delivery of our first shipment of the long awaited SOL solar powered laptop. We couldn’t wait to check it out, at least briefly before we do a full analysis and review next week, so have a […]

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Yellowbrick GPS Tracker with Eric Philips for the Arctic March

Eric Philips Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

The Arctic March 2014 – Our Yellowbrick GPS Tracker with Eric Philips in the Great North The Arctic is a challenging environment, but the Yellowbrick GPS Tracker was built to perform even where all its competitors freeze. April is peak season at Barneo Ice camp.  It is […]

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Satellite Phones at G-Layer


Satellite phones – G-layer’s range and expertise at your service G-Layer is a registered dealer, under the Australian Government’s Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme. We know satellite phones and we offer you a broad choice of hardware and airtime plans available in Australia. We are determined to offer […]

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Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme Ending Soon


Better be quick – Satellite phone subsidy scheme ends soon. If you live in a remote area and wish to purchase a satellite phone, you must apply before March 31st to get the Government subsidy. Don’t miss out on this last chance to save up to 85% […]

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The Longest Drive – Yellowbrick tracking this adventure around Australia

Loop of Australia

Going on right now in Australia – “The Longest Drive” are a three man adventure team trying to complete the Big Loop around notorious highway 1. The fun part, they’re doing it non-stop in a Porsche Cayenne, with only pit-stops to refuel. That’s the whole country, non-stop. […]

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Stay Tuned SOL Laptop is Coming Soon!

SOL Solar Powered Laptop

SOL – Solar Powered Laptop Finally Released The moment we will unpack the first batch of  Solar Powered laptop is getting closer and closer. Finally, we have received confirmation from the manufacturer that production is now in full swing. Our demo units have shipped! At G-layer, we’re very […]

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Yellowbrick Tracker – Why Not?


Yellowbrick Tracker – Rugged, Reliable   Sometimes people ask us, “Why should I spend more money upfront on a Yellowbrick tracker, when there are cheaper GPS trackers available?” So this week we will answer that question and explain why purchasing a Yellowbrick tracker is the clever option […]

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Around Cozumel with our Mexican VW

Around Cozumel with our Mexican VW

Only a few more weeks before coming back to Australia, so Emma and I decided to spend our last day off doing “gringo” things around the Island of Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is a paradise in the Caribbean sea,  south of the Yucatan peninsula. The small island is […]

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Yellowbrick vs SPOT


Yellowbrick Tracker, the Indonesian taxi test and an Italian mamma. Yellowbrick vs SPOT A guest blog entry by Pietro Dal Dosso Accuracy. That’s what stroke me off. December 2012. I’m in Indonesia, North Sulawesi. In the city of Manado. Driving around the city in a taxi. The Yellowbrick tracker and the Spot […]

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Get Outback! And don’t forget your Yellowbrick 3 Satellite Tracker

aus 4wd track

Satellite Tracker – Outback-grade technology Looking for a satellite tracker ? we have the best equipment for your outback adventure. Australia is an epic land, but most of us really just hover around the edges – have you ever thought about getting out there into our continent’s […]

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Accessories Yellowbrick Adventure Tracker

Yellowbrick V3 MKII Standard in its retail package with accessories

Accessories for the Real World Added Value for your Yellowbrick Adventure Tracker Beside being fully featured, Yellowbrick adventure trackers offer a broad range of high quality accessories to fit your needs, no matter where you’re planning to use it. As Yellowbrick is developed and tested in the […]

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Expedition Yacht Tiama Around the Subantarctic Islands


Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System On board S/Y Tiama in the Subantarctic islands A GPS tracking system for Henk Haazen’s yacht Tiama. Henk is a frequent visitor to The Auckland Islands, which at 50 degrees South is part of the New Zealand Subantarctic islands. Tiama is a 55 […]

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Summer Specials with Yellowbrick Tracker

Free Shipping

Summer specials at G-layer Free shipping and a Soft Pouch for every Yellowbrick Tracker! Until the end of Summer, we want to reward our adventurous customers by offering another special deal. After succesfully introducing Yellowbrick tracker and messenger into the Australian market, G-layer offers free shipping and […]

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The Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System – Safety on the water

How can Yellowbrick Tracking Devices Help Boaties

Keeping you and your vessel safe, the easy and affordable way with Yellowbrick GPS tracker. Like most of us who live in Australia and New Zealand, the team at G-layer like to get out on the water as often as possible, especially at this time of year […]

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Stonewall Peak Trail

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker Stonewall Peak

Bushwalking in California with my Yellowbrick GPS tracker It’s been a while since I’ve departed Australia. I’m currently in Southern California on a business trip, returning down-under later this summer. This weekend a couple of friends invited me to join them in a bushwalk. Excited by the […]

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Yellowbrick conquers the South Pole

Yellowbrick South Pole

Yellowbrick Personal Tracking device – with Eric Philips at the South Pole Exciting news at G-Layer today. We have just received an update from our friend Eric Philips who has completed the South Pole Allied Challenge, finally reaching their destination at the pole, carrying one of our […]

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Yellowbrick in the Skies

Yellowbrick aircraft position reports over south america amazon basin

Yellowbrick makes an exceptional Aircraft Tracking Device Our adventures with G-Layer have taken us to some far out places, from mountain tops to polar ice caps, and also to the middle of the world’s oceans. Out there working on some larger vessels we have at times been […]

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Around Australia with Jack and Jude

jack & jude yblog

Yellowbrick tracking device Around Australia with Jack & Jude Our customers Jack and Jude contacted us yesterday using their tracking device, from Bunbury, Western Australia. All is well on board  S/Y Banyandah, on another journey around Lucky Country. Many more stories and new encounters the couple happily […]

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Great Discounts on Yellowbrick Trackers – Christmas Season Specials at G-layer

Christmas Season Specials at G-layer

For a short time Yellowbrick Trackers are even more affordable, while stocks last Summer is in full swing and the holiday season is here, so in the spirit of Christmas we thought we’d give you even further discounted prices on Yellowbrick Trackers for our customers this month. […]

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Holiday Season with Yellowbrick and G-Layer

Yellowbrick GPS Auto Tracking

Surviving the silly season with the Yellowbrick Tracker + Messenger It’s that time of year again-whether we love it or not one thing is certain, Christmas comes sooner every year. The holiday season is when many of us will be hitting the highway on the family road […]

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GPS Tracking Devices – Made Simple by G-Layer

Satellite GPS Trackers Comparison

A quick and clear comparison of satellite GPS tracking devices on the market, for your convenience. Today we want to take a look at the satellite tracker market, to help you the customer come to the same conclusion we have at G-layer. That is the Yellowbrick3 tracker […]

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Sponsoring the B2M4A Alzheimer’s Awareness walk with Yellowbrick

Sponsoring B2M4A Alzheimer Awareness walk Yellowbrick

Keeping the team safe and connected with Yellowbrick 3 Satellite Tracking It’s nearly a month since we farewelled AJ and his family on their huge journey, and now they are almost at their destination after a massive walk which took them from Brisbane to Melbourne. It was […]

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Eric Philips – Allied challenge 2013 One step closer

Eric Philips Allied Challenge 2013

We’re all looking forward to see Eric Philips guiding team Commonwealth in the South Pole challenge, and I managed to have a brief chat with him last night. He was in Cape Town, in a great mood and very excited after his visit to Buckingham Palace where […]

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Yellowbrick tracker with Eric Philips – The Eve of another Adventure

Yellowbrick tracker with Eric Philips Adventure

It won’t be long now before polar explorer Eric Philips will be leading his team of wounded war veterans on their grueling sixteen-day trek through the Antarctic. The South Pole Allied Challenge “Walking with the Wounded” will be raising money for sick and injured military personnel, and […]

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RockSTAR – Remote Worker Safety System

RockSTAR Satellite Tracker for Remote Workers

It has been just under a year since we started to import RockSTAR remote worker safety system in Australia. To date there are dozens of units out there, deployed in the most impervious and rugged areas of the continent, and not a single one has came back […]

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Silly Season Specials

Yellowbrick Tracker and Rockstar Boxes

Yellowbrick tracker – Holiday specials!   Summer is coming, and for most Australians that means it’s holiday season! It’s time to enjoy our great outdoors, so G-Layer has decided to help you on your adventure by making your Yellowbrick tracker and messenger even more affordable for the […]

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Alzheimer and Dementia Brisbane to Melbourne Walk

Yellowbrick Sponsors  Brisbane 2 Melbourne 4 Alzheimers   B2M4Alzheimers, G-Layer is proudly sponsoring the journey Dementia is a very distressing condition both for sufferers and their families. It can be caused by Alzheimer‘s, Parkinson‘s or a range of other diseases and can lead to memory loss, confusion, personality changes, apathy […]

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How Green is G-Layer?

Solar Array on Green Company

A modern company is a green and sustainable company, looking to Australia’s future. G-Layer has this in our genes, given our background working for environmentally concerned NGOs. We value the precious and fragile environment of Australia, and we care about this country’s future. G-Layer always strives to […]

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SOL Solar-Powered Laptop comes to Australia!

Solar Powered Laptop

Cutting-edge sustainable technology is what we’re all about here at the G-Layer, and we’re always on the lookout for new exciting developments, so when we discovered the SOL solar laptop we were overwhelmed by the possibilities this tough little computer offers to our sun-drenched country! The 10-hour […]

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How can Yellowbrick Tracking Devices Help Boaties?

GPS Boat Yellowbrick

Like most of us who live in Australia and New Zealand, the team at G-layer like to get out on the water as often as possible, especially at this time of year with the sun, wind and waves making for perfect boating conditions. Of course we are […]

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Get Yellowbrick Naked and Support ACF


Yellowbrick goes Green! G-layer is very excited to now offer an environmentally responsible option in GPS tracking devices! Yellowbricks are powered with a common USB charger that many people already have at home. They can even be charged simply by plugging into the USB port on your […]

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More specials for October

Yellowbrick V3 MKII Standard in its retail package with accessories

It’s time for outdoor fun, a good time to buy a Yellowbrick!   Spring has sprung, time to enjoy the great outdoors Australia is famous for. We have a good news for you! G-layer has decided to extend the spring specials. Also in October we will offer […]

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G-layer partners with Eric Philips and Icetrek

G-layer partners with Eric Philips and Icetrek

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker On a Journey to the South Pole! G-layer is really excited to announce our newest sponsorship deal with professional polar adventurer, Tasmanian Eric Philips, as he races across the Antarctic in the South Pole Allied Challenge, “Walking With the Wounded”. To raise money […]

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Yellowbrick – Rugged, Reliable, NO Lock-in Contract

Yellowbrick at North Pole Expedition

Quite often we hear the question, “Why should I buy a Yellowbrick? Why choose your GPS tracker over the competition?” So this week we decided to explain why purchasing a Yellowbrick tracker is the clever option that will save you money in the long run. G-layer has […]

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Fighting Alzheimer’s with Yellowbrick Trackers

Alzheimer and Dementia Brisbane to Melbourne Walk

Dementia is a very distressing condition both for sufferers and their families. It can be caused by Alzheimer‘s, Parkinson‘s or a range of other diseases and can lead to memory loss, confusion, personality changes, apathy and an inability to perform everyday tasks. This is why G-layer believed […]

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KRSP chooses RockSTAR – The Rugged Solution for the Toughest Environments

KRSP chooses RockSTAR The Rugged Solution for the Toughest Environments

G-layer was first contacted by KRSP in February. They had heard about our services all the way over there in Broome, Western Australia, and wanted to know what we could do for them. KRSP stands for Kimberly Regional Service Provider, and they have been based in Broome […]

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Yellowbrick V3 MKII – Spring 2013 specials

Yellowbrick V3 MKII, satellite tracker and two way messenger

    Spring 2013 – Specials are on at G-Layer! Yellowbrick Tracker Messenger – on specials for all September Spring has just arrived and we have decided to offer a special discount on our web price this September.  Yellowbrick Basic and Standard models are on special only for […]

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RockSTAR – Working for the Vacu-Digger Group to Protect Underground Assets

RockSTAR Working to Protect Underground Assets

G-Layer are pleased this month to announce that we are providing GPS Tracking Devices to the Vacgroup www. , industry leaders in safe underground excavation. Vac group provide a variety of technologies and services to the excavation industry, and run a large fleet of equipment trucks […]

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Yellowbrick – Helping Bring Medical Aid to Isolated Communities in Papua New Guinea

Yellowbrick - Helping Bring Medical Aid to Isolated Communities in Papua New Guinea

This year G-layer has been pleased to provide the charity YWAM Medical Ships with a Yellowbrick GPS tracker to assist them with their invaluable work in Papua New Guinea. YWAM (Youth with a Mission) have been operating the YWAM Medical Ship out of Townsville since 2010, bringing much needed […]

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Fair winds Jack and Jude – Yellowbrick Tracker on board S/Y Banyandah

Yellowbrick Tracker on board S:Y Banyandah

Jack and Jude Binder are S/Y Banyandah’s crew. They are sailors, blogger, photographers and explorers;  currently on their journey to the Kimberly, WA. In short, the story of their life is: they met, traveled, build Banyandah, had kids, traveled forevermore. To know more, visit their blog: […]

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Yellowbrick GPS Tracker on Holiday!

Yellowbrick GPS Auto Tracking

A few months ago I was using a Yellowbrick GPS tracker for work in a four-wheel-drive vehicle deep in the Amazon jungle, but now it’s time for a holiday! I decided to try the Yellowbrick for recreation for a change. So here we are, my girlfriend and […]

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Yellowbrick V3 MKI Tracker & Messenger – End of the Financial Year Sales

Costumer Service

Yes, you’ve heard it right. The financial year is coming to an end and  we still have a limited amount of Yellowbrick MKI models in stock. Those are brand new and ready to ship. All stock must go, this is your chance to own the most reliable […]

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Personal Tracking Device & Messenger – Yellowbrick V3 MKII in the middle of the Outback with remote workers

Personal Tracking Device and Messenger

Yellowbrick V3 is a personal tracking device and messenger, the ideal companion for Australia’s remote workers. If you work in the outback, never feel alone or stranded anymore as the Yellowbrick V3 is with you every step of the way. GSM carriers today serve close to 90% […]

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Yellowbrick for the Adventurer – The Tracking and Messaging Solution for your Expedition

Yellowbrick for the Adventurer

Yellowbricks have been the choice for the modern expeditioner since they hit the market. There is simply no other tracking and two-way messaging system that provides global coverage, extreme reliability and low cost of ownership. Tough Yellowbricks have made a legendary name for themselves in the adventure […]

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G-Layer presents RockSTAR


Yellowbrick V3 MKII for Corporate and Professional use – the solution for fleet tracking is called… RockSTAR G-layer are pleased to introduce to Australian customers the new RockSTAR devices. Today’s fleet operators realise how vital a good asset management system is for productivity in the field, and […]

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Out on the ocean – G-layer and the Yellowbrick Tracking Device has got you covered

Maggie Drum

Australia has one of the longest coastlines of any country in the world, so it’s hardly surprising at the extent of boat ownership we have, not only for pleasure but for business and commercial use too. When boaties are equipping their vessels for a long voyage, coastal […]

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Tracking Devices for Aircraft: Fly Safely with Yellowbrick!

Yellowbrick V3 MKII standard version

Tracking Devices for helicopters and small aeroplanes is one problem G-layer has been trying to solve for the past decade. Our communications consulting work frequently takes us to remote areas such as the Amazon, Indonesia, the Himalayas, the North Pole, Antartica and the vast oceans. Closer to […]

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Stay in Touch while Travelling: it’s Easy with Yellowbrick 3!

Yellowbrick 3 Reliable Satellite Tracking Device

How much of our beautiful country have you seen? Have you ever wanted to explore more? Travelling in our own land is not something that can be taken lightly. As thousands of caravaners, off-roaders and grey nomads will verify, Australia is a vast country and unfortunately only […]

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Yellowbrick: a Game Changer at the North Pole

North pole camp

This month is a very exciting development for G-Layer, as we are proud to be part of a media expedition to the real North Pole: 90° N! To support this daunting journey, we have provided expertise and equipment for the entire expedition, including custom made winterised components. […]

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It’s a Long Way to the Top

Arctic Ice

Reaching the North Pole isn’t as easy as we had hoped. A strong southern current is pushing the ice while we sleep, so each morning we are waking up further from our target than the day before. Then the are the pressure ridges and water streams that […]

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G-Layer at the North Pole

G-Layer at the North Pole

In an exciting first for G-Layer, we’ll be taking part in a media expedition to the North Pole this month! We will be sending daily images and footage from the cross-country ski trek from April 4 to 14. Although we have previously provided technical support for several […]

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Yellowbrick V3 MkII

Yellowbrick V3 MkII

The Yellowbrick V3 MkII is available in Australia through our shop. We are excited to present the Yellowbrick V3 MkII to the Australian market, and offer a fully professional service with reliable product delivery, support and training from our expert technical team and quality after-sales service. The […]

Read more : Heaven Can Wait 2012 – Tracking the marks with Yellowbrick

Heaven Can Wait 2012 - Tracking the marks with Yellowbrick

G-Layer was excited to have the opportunity to support the Heaven Can Wait yacht race in Lake Macquarie this year. John and Gionny both have a long history of working with charities and NGOs and they were very pleased to sponsor the event which raises valuable funds […]

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HCW Charity Yacht Regatta 2012 Live and Racing!!!

HCW rounding marks

Heaven Can Wait Charity Yacht Regatta 2012, we have provided trackers for all HCW rounding marks. G-Layer, distributor of the Yellow Brick range of satellite tracking systems in Australia, has come on board as a sponsor, this has enabled the Race Committee to ensure that all marks […]

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Sponsoring Levi Laurie and the GVN

Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN Foundation)

On 20 September, Levi Laurie, a graduate geologist working at the George Fisher zinc mine in, Queensland, Australia began his 13 day trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest (5,500 metres above sea level). Levi is trekking to support the work of the Global Volunteer Network […]

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The River Gambia Expedition 2012

Our Yellowbrick Tracking Device. Image © Jason Florio

The Journey – 1 river. 2 borders. 3 countries – Guinea-Senegal – The Gambia, West Africa Nick and the guys at Yellowbrick  have very kindly sponsored us with, for our River Gambia Expedition. We can do all manner of things with this small, extremely lightweight (just over […]

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G-Layer, Proudly Sponsoring HCW 2012

Heaven Can Wait Charity Yacht Regatta 2012

G-layer is proudly sponsoring Heaven Can Wait Charity Yacht Regatta 2012, we will be providing trackers for all HCW rounding marks. This will enable the Race Committee to ensure that all marks are where they should be throughout the race Comments comments

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Welcome to G-Layer

Yellowbrick v3 Basic

G-Layer is a dealer for YellowBrick and Rock7 location technology in the Australia Pacific region. We specialise in providing solutions for data, communications and automated tracking in difficult environments to the far corners of the globe. G-Layer is an Australian registered business (ABN 69161615115), committed in offering […]

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