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Aircraft Tracking System – RockSTAR

Aircraft Tracking System - RockSTAR

Staying Safe in the Skies with the RockSTAR aircraft tracking system. Knowing the whereabouts of an aircraft of any size has historically been a tricky problem. Original technologies were cumbersome and error prone, using HF and VHF radios, direction finding (VOR) and distance measuring equipment (DME) to […]

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RockStar Safety System – The Ideal Lone Workers Tracker

RockStar Safety System - Lone Workers Tracker

The RockStar lone workers tracker has been a huge success story for safety in the Australian workplace. Not all of us are lucky enough to have an air conditioned office to work in every day, many of us are truly “out there” where no mobile phone call […]

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Yellowbrick Tracker – Why Not?


Yellowbrick Tracker – Rugged, Reliable   Sometimes people ask us, “Why should I spend more money upfront on a Yellowbrick tracker, when there are cheaper GPS trackers available?” So this week we will answer that question and explain why purchasing a Yellowbrick tracker is the clever option […]

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Yellowbrick vs SPOT


Yellowbrick Tracker, the Indonesian taxi test and an Italian mamma. Yellowbrick vs SPOT A guest blog entry by Pietro Dal Dosso Accuracy. That’s what stroke me off. December 2012. I’m in Indonesia, North Sulawesi. In the city of Manado. Driving around the city in a taxi. The Yellowbrick tracker and the Spot […]

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Accessories Yellowbrick Adventure Tracker

Yellowbrick V3 MKII Standard in its retail package with accessories

Accessories for the Real World Added Value for your Yellowbrick Adventure Tracker Beside being fully featured, Yellowbrick adventure trackers offer a broad range of high quality accessories to fit your needs, no matter where you’re planning to use it. As Yellowbrick is developed and tested in the […]

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Yellowbrick in the Skies

Yellowbrick aircraft position reports over south america amazon basin

Yellowbrick makes an exceptional Aircraft Tracking Device Our adventures with G-Layer have taken us to some far out places, from mountain tops to polar ice caps, and also to the middle of the world’s oceans. Out there working on some larger vessels we have at times been […]

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GPS Tracking Devices – Made Simple by G-Layer

Satellite GPS Trackers Comparison

A quick and clear comparison of satellite GPS tracking devices on the market, for your convenience. Today we want to take a look at the satellite tracker market, to help you the customer come to the same conclusion we have at G-layer. That is the Yellowbrick3 tracker […]

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RockSTAR – Remote Worker Safety System

RockSTAR Satellite Tracker for Remote Workers

It has been just under a year since we started to import RockSTAR remote worker safety system in Australia. To date there are dozens of units out there, deployed in the most impervious and rugged areas of the continent, and not a single one has came back […]

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Silly Season Specials

Yellowbrick Tracker and Rockstar Boxes

Yellowbrick tracker – Holiday specials!   Summer is coming, and for most Australians that means it’s holiday season! It’s time to enjoy our great outdoors, so G-Layer has decided to help you on your adventure by making your Yellowbrick tracker and messenger even more affordable for the […]

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Alzheimer and Dementia Brisbane to Melbourne Walk

Yellowbrick Sponsors  Brisbane 2 Melbourne 4 Alzheimers   B2M4Alzheimers, G-Layer is proudly sponsoring the journey Dementia is a very distressing condition both for sufferers and their families. It can be caused by Alzheimer‘s, Parkinson‘s or a range of other diseases and can lead to memory loss, confusion, personality changes, apathy […]

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