Eric Philips – Allied challenge 2013 One step closer

Eric Philips Allied Challenge 2013

We’re all looking forward to see Eric Philips guiding team Commonwealth in the South Pole challenge, and I managed to have a brief chat with him last night.

He was in Cape Town, in a great mood and very excited after his visit to Buckingham Palace where he met Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Harry, patron of Walking with the Wounded.

“One step closer! We are in Cape Town, just a 5 hour flight from Antarctica. It’s quite warm here which does nothing for our acclimatisation but we are all ready for the challenge, ready for the cold, ready for the Antarctic plateau. There’s such a wonderful sense of camaraderie here that it hardly feels like we are about to race each other to the South Pole. In reality we are all in this together and the challenge is pitched not against each other but against unforgiving Antarctica.”

Speaking about his feelings before the start of this epic challenge, Eric added:

Although I have never been in combat, my pervading thought is that of going into battle, not with an enemy but with an indifferent force, a white giant that doesn’t care if we win or lose. Perhaps this is why all of the soldiers have such focus, they are stepping into a somewhat familiar world.”

Yellowbrick Tracker and Messenger

Prince Harry to join the challenge

Prince Harry,  patron of  the challenge, did attend the official launch of Walking with the Wounded, few days ago, at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park.

During the ceremony, he announced his participation and direct involvement in the walk.

Prince Harry will join the wounded service personnel (Team UK) who will race across Antarctica.

Yellowbrick tracker proven reliability

G-layer proud sponsor of Eric Philips

Eric has with him a Yellowbrick Standard tracker and messenger, supplied courtesy of G-Layer’s stock. We have provided Eric with a soft pouch, the Yellowbrick app and our technical support, which is free for everyone who purchases a Yellowbrick satellite tracker and messenger.

As we do for all our customers, we have helped Eric configure his Yellowbrick with custom “canned” messages.  It will be easy for him to send and receive messages and operate his Yellowbrick with his mittens on, without risking frostbite. While Sat phones sometimes freeze solid, Yellowbrick is assured to be functional and fully operational!

Eric will also bring his iPhone to Antarctica, to use from his tent. The combination of iPhone and Yellowbrick tracker two way messenger will enable Eric to update his Facebook and Twitter profile and communicate with his family back in Hobart.

The long trek to the South Pole will be tracked relentlessly by Eric’s Yellowbrick, and will be visible for everyone to follow on his website, as well as on .
May the best arrive first to the South Pole…and give a warm welcome to the other teams!

Eric Philips expeditions with Yellowbrick



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