Expedition Yacht Tiama Around the Subantarctic Islands

Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System
On board S/Y Tiama in the Subantarctic islands


A GPS tracking system for Henk Haazen’s yacht Tiama. Henk is a frequent visitor to The Auckland Islands, which at 50 degrees South is part of the New Zealand Subantarctic islands. Tiama is a 55 foot cutter rigged sloop, built entirely by the owner. Henk and Tiama have been cruising from the tropics to the Antarctic for the past 15 years, offering charters to the scientific community, film crews and adventurers.

I last met Henk in Wellington in early November, and he asked me for suggestions to improve the efficiency of his frequently needed HF schedules with Department of Conservation Headquarters (DoC.) In the Southern Ocean at times it is quite challenging to check in on short wave radio, so I offered an idea, what if back at DoC HQ they could check the position live on a webpage?

Boat GPS

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The GPS Tracking System for the Harshest Environments -Yellowbrick V3 MKII

The Yellowbirck GPS tracking system was the natural answer to Henk’s requirements. Thanks to its capacity of relaying position reports and messages from anywhere on the planet, the Yellowbrick substantially reduced Henk’s workload. No more frustration in front of the HF set, no more faint voices disappearing in the static. Any organisation, company or scientific institution contracting S/Y Tiama can now check the vessel’s position at regular intervals.

Basic and advanced messaging ensures global communications at affordable prices. A big red Alert button is always within reach, in case of trouble. Yellowbrick means peace of mind for the boat’s owner, his family and for the contracting parties.


GPS Tracking System of choice for The Marine Professionals

Henk mounted his Yellowbrick GPS tracking system on Tiama’s railing, using the apposite quick release bracket we supplied him with the Yellowbrick tracker. Yellowbrick meets the highest military standards, it is submersible and shockproof, but what matters more is that it is tested in the real world, it has been deployed in the most challenging environments on earth, never disappointing our customers.

Henk was recently working for the Department of Conservation bringing teams to The  Auckland Islands and Campbell Island.
To know more about Tiama or if you wish to charter it for an expedition, visit:  www.tiama.com
Here is a video of some of Tiama’s expeditions, watch the video clicking here.

G-Layer highly recommends Tiama for any marine based research. The vessel is purpose built and she’s a real workhorse, her skipper and owner is a great marine professional. We wish them well in their adventures.


GPS Tracking System – What Makes Yellowbrick Different?

Total global coverage and long battery life are two things that make Yellowbrick GPS trackers unique. A huge 5300 mA LiPo battery makes sure you can keep going into the wild for weeks at a time, and the Iridium constellation will follow you to the ends of the Earth, as the footprint is
global and does not have blind spots.

Yellowbrick’s reliable two-way messaging system is also special, as you can send and receive messages without the need for a tablet device. But if you do have one, you can connect your Yellowbrick GPS tracking system using Bluetooth and capitalise on all the advanced messaging functions.



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