Fighting Alzheimer’s with Yellowbrick Trackers


Dementia is a very distressing condition both for sufferers and their families.

It can be caused by Alzheimer‘s, Parkinson‘s or a range of other diseases and can lead to memory loss, confusion, personality changes, apathy and an inability to perform everyday tasks.

This is why G-layer believed it was important to provide a Yellowbrick tracker for the B2M4 Alzheimer’s walk from Brisbane to Melbourne in support of those who suffer from these debilitating diseases and their carers.

Alan Bennett and his wife will push their two small children as they spend one month walking down the east coast of Australia this November.

The Yellowbrick tracker will keep them safe during their inspirational journey, and supporters will be able to follow their progress online.
It will also make it easy for them to send messages and update social media from wherever they are along the route.

The walk will start on November 1 in Brisbane, and pass through Sydney and Canberra before arriving in Melbourne on December 1.

Alzheimer and Dementia Brisbane to Melbourne Walk

Yellowbrick Tracker Supports Fundraising Walk

Two Way Messenger Sponsor Alzheimer


Alan Bennett’s mother started showing signs of dementia when he was just fourteen.

Her memory loss worsened over the years, as she no longer remembered her children, her late husband, and eventually even herself. She can no longer look after herself and needs care 24 hours a day.

When G-layer heard Alan’s story, and his plans to raise money for Alzheimer’s Australia, we were only too happy to provide a Yellowbrick tracker so that he and his young family can keep in touch with their supporters and be assured of their safety every step of the way.



Yellowbrick for B2M4



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