Get Outback! And don’t forget your Yellowbrick 3 Satellite Tracker

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Satellite Tracker – Outback-grade technology

Looking for a satellite tracker ? we have the best equipment for your outback adventure.

Australia is an epic land, but most of us really just hover around the edges – have you ever thought about getting out there into our continent’s vast interior? It’s no small mission, but the rewards are huge for the intrepid few who make the effort to get outback.

There are plenty of off road enthusiasts around who can tell you all about the challenges.

One of the biggest of these challenges has always been staying in touch outside of phone range.

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When you hit the road heading west – or east for the Westralians, it’s surprising how quickly our mobile network dies. You are going to need some way of keeping in touch.

We used to see the classic bush 4WD with huge HF radio antennas on the roo-bar. Aussie bush bashers now have better options and these adventurers are rapt with the ease and reliability of satellite communications. At G-Layer we have long been HF radio geeks, but we also have to move with the times.

There’s now no easier or more dependable way of getting messages to and from remote locations, than with the Yellowbrick Satellite Tracker. There’s been a few cheap and nasty tracking devices on the market, and we’ve tried them all – but when your safety matters, nothing compares to the solid build and quality of the Yellowbrick Satellite Tracker.

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Yellowbrick 3 Satellite Tracker – Rugged, Reliable and Cost Effective

You might pay a little more up front, but if you want a proven industrial product that’s not just a toy, then the Yellowbrick is the unit that will look after you. When you look at the usage plans, and the zero lock-in credit system, it really makes great sense financially. With our monthly access system you only pay on a month by month basis, so you can save money between adventures. If your Yellowbrick satellite tracker is just sitting on the shelf waiting for its next adventure, then unlike our competitors it’s not costing you a thing.

The Yellowbrick satellite tracker is more than just a super reliable GPS tracking device, it’s a two directional messenger as well. Standard models and above will pair via Bluetooth to IOS and Android devices running the free Yellowbrick app. This enables advanced messaging features and much easier text entry.

You can send and receive emails and texts, even update Facebook and Twitter. Now your followers and friends can see where your adventures are taking you and what an awesome time you’re having! The live web map is a hugely popular feature, with its clean and familiar Google Maps interface.

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Yellowbrick Truly Global Coverage –   Satellite Tracker Never Lets You Down

The most important thing to remember as you hit the outback trails, is that your Yellowbrick satellite tracker will never go out of range as long as it can see the sky. Many of our customers have found this hard to believe with their prior experience of sat networks, but the Iridium data burst system is as reliable as the GPS network, which of course the Yellowbrick also uses. Combine this global coverage with extreme battery life and toughness, and you’ve got true peace of mind on your off-road missions.

Navigating the bush can take some time, and you want your gear to last. Our Yellowbricks were built from scratch to military specs so you know they can take the abuse. Try a RAM compatible quick release mount, which are just as tough as the bricks themselves.
Available now in the shop clicking here.

Quick Release Mount

Call or email now, and we’ll be happy to help you choose a model of satellite tracker that suits your needs.



  1. Interested in on of these for captain billy to use plus hire out to our 4wd hire customs

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