Yellowbrick GPS Tracker with Eric Philips for the Arctic March

The Arctic March 2014 – Our Yellowbrick GPS Tracker with Eric Philips in the Great North

The Arctic is a challenging environment, but the Yellowbrick GPS Tracker was built to perform even where all its competitors freeze. April is peak season at Barneo Ice camp.  It is the only month the polar base is open and operational. Sunlight and a temperature between -30 and -40 are necessary conditions for landing the large Antonov 72 on the pack ice.

Eric Philips is well known at Barneo, always quick with jokes and his foldable guitar. He’ll be there again this year, guiding another adventurous journey across the pack ice.

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker Eric Philips

40 days, 800 Km, 1 GPS Tracker – Yellowbrick V3 MKII

Sitting in “the shed”, in Byron Bay, it is pretty hard to imagine -40 Celsius. In 2013, I was lucky enough to ski to the North Pole with Eric, and I’m sure this expedition will be another amazing journey.

Eric will again have a Yellowbrick GPS Tracker supplied by G-Layer. A standard version with a soft pouch, just like those in stock in our shop right now.

I caught up with Eric on Skype the other day, here is his rundown of the upcoming mission;
“On April 2, I will begin an 800km ski expedition across the frozen Arctic Ocean from the North Pole to Canada. I’ll be guiding Dutch journalist and climate-change campaigner Bernice Notenboom and renowned UK photographer Martin Hartley. The Arctic Ocean is one of the areas hardest hit by climate change and I’ve seen large changes in the environment during ten years of guiding on the ice, including a higher incidence of first-year ice, indicating open water the previous summer, and more storms in the area. Towing all our supplies and equipment in amphibious sleds, we will need to negotiate pressure ridges, leads of open water, extreme cold and polar bears.”

Eric Philips Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

G-Layer proudly sponsors Eric Philips with a Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

“I’m generously supported by G-Layer in my efforts to communicate the story back to the public. Using the Yellowbrick GPS Tracker again, as used in December during my trek to the South Pole with Prince Harry, I’ll send daily messages to Facebook and to the Yellowbrick blog site. In addition I’ll send images using the new Iridium Axcess point.” Later in the year, Icetrek will use the SOL (solar powered laptop) during their annual South Pole tour. We have again decided to field test our newest product in one of the harshest and most unforgiving environments on earth. Eric will put SOL to the test and let us know if he can break it.

Follow Eric as he travels across the frozen Arctic ocean: The Arctic March

Yellowbrick South Pole

Thanks Eric, we’re right behind you!
We’ll check your Yblog daily and the updates you’ll send through using our Yellowbrick GPS Tracker.
Fair winds mate.




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