Great Discounts on Yellowbrick Trackers – Christmas Season Specials at G-layer

For a short time Yellowbrick Trackers are even
more affordable, while stocks last

Summer is in full swing and the holiday season is here, so in the spirit of Christmas we thought we’d give you even further discounted prices on Yellowbrick Trackers for our customers this month. Right through to the end of the year!

Right now it’s time to think about presents for your family and friends, and with recent great reviews and comparisons sales of Yellowbrick Trackers are taking off – so why not share the love with some even better specials.

Christmas Season Specials at G-layer

The entry level Basic Yellowbrick tracker is now reduced to only $585 ex-gst, and the special price continues on the Standard model at $669 ex-gst. But wait there’s more! If you order this month we will throw in free shipping Australia wide on either of these models, saving you a further $15 dollars on your order.

It doesn’t matter if your special someone is a bushwalker, a sailor, a fisherman, a pilot, a trail-biker, or just a tech-head – you can be sure they will love the features and functions that a Yellowbrick tracker offers, not to mention the safety aspect of always being in touch with those back home.

It’s a no brainer really, your position is sent live to a web page from anywhere on earth (well, wherever you can see the sky) and on top of that, two-way messaging at the most affordable rates on offer.

Operating costs – we think they’e the lowest on the market. Check out our extremely competitive pricing.

The Yellowbrick is not just a satellite tracker, it’s a super rugged and completely sealed device tested to the extremes of the earth, with an advanced feature set that includes two-way messaging. Our airtime has always been very affordable, and with Yellowbrick and G-layer – you only pay for what you use. There is no lock-in contract or anything like that, you just pay a low monthly activation fee, and then pre-buy your credits and use them as you need them. Not only is it simple, but for a two-way messenger we believe it has the lowest operating costs on the market.

So order now! Give us a call and talk to the friendly guys at G-Layer. We’re always happy to help out with any questions on using your Yellowbrick Tracker.

Happy Holidays and safe travel from us here at G-Layer. Enjoy the special prices and enjoy the special places you’ll be able to roam safely with your new Yellowbrick Tracker.

When ordering your new Yellowbrick, don’t forget to ask about our “Naked” promo. We will ship your tracker without a charger, cable and expensive packaging, and instead send $20 to support ACF.

Great Discounts on Yellowbrick Trackers



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