Holiday Season with Yellowbrick and G-Layer

Surviving the silly season with the Yellowbrick Tracker + Messenger

It’s that time of year again-whether we love it or not one thing is certain, Christmas comes sooner every year. The holiday season is when many of us will be hitting the highway on the family road trip. It’s also a time when we all like to feel connected to our family and friends.

Are you doing the epic drive from Brisbane to Melbourne or perhaps Sydney to Perth? Got the kids and caravan in tow behind the family station wagon? How many times do you expect your family to call you on the way? It all sounds very familiar as Aussies partake in their annual pilgrimage to the relo’s BBQ.

Yellowbrick GPS Auto Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just give them a website to look at, so they can see you’ve safely stopped in Coffs Harbour for lunch at the Big Banana, or you’re stuck in traffic on the Pacific highway. Many motorists are using the Yellowbrick tracking system for private travel for these exact reasons – it lets your loved ones know exactly where you are on the road, while you keep your eyes on that road. No distractions or text messages needed, just set the Yellowbrick tracker messager to update every 30mins or so, and those pesky but loving relatives can follow your trip without the need to call and trouble you.

Or give the Yellowbrick tracker to the kids in the backseat, and they can feed their Twitter and Facebook addiction by live blogging the whole journey on the Yellowbrick messaging app! No need to rely on the mobile network, so no dropouts all the way across the country. It might distract them for a bit too.

Yellowbrick V3 MKII, satellite tracker and two way messenger

G-Layer and Yellowbrick
Keeping you Safe on the Roads these Holidays

Motorcyclists have also been keen buyers of the Yellowbrick tracker messager, as the units run perfectly fine from a saddle bag or top-box, with no attention required from the rider. True peace of mind for panicky relatives. Of course, when you stop every couple of hours for a stretch, you can catch up on your messages and let them know you’ll be there before the turkey goes cold.

Boaties are also some of our biggest customers, as they always know there is coverage out to sea, well beyond mobile phone range. A Yellowbrick tracker would make a perfect christmas gift for the skipper in the family.

In terms of functions and features Yellowbrick trackers messagers are the top of the line. Check out our recent feature comparison story to find out more.

Yellowbricks trackers also make fantastic Christmas presents for the gear-head in your life, and the good news is we are continuing our silly season prices right through to the end of the year – click here for the shop and here for the pricing structure.

An easy way you can give something back this year, is taking up our Naked promo, where we ship the trackers sans box, cable and charger in a recycled padded jiffy bag, and donate $20 to the Australian Conservation Foundation on your behalf. Click here to read more.

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