How Green is G-Layer?

A modern company is a green and sustainable company, looking to Australia’s future.

G-Layer has this in our genes, given our background working for environmentally concerned NGOs.

We value the precious and fragile environment of Australia, and we care about this country’s future.

G-Layer always strives to make business better, greener and more socially responsible.

Solar Array on Green Company

Here is how G-Layer is enhancing the Australian way of life:

Our Products – SOL Laptop

Solar Powered Laptop
By introducing SOL laptops to Australia, as freshly announced last week, we are committed to improving working conditions, education and health services in the outback.

With SOL we will bring you a high-performing solar-powered laptop at a reasonable price.

Not only will we redefine field computing, we will also reduce CO2 emissions and your power bill.

Our commitment to ACF

ACF logoBy offering Yellowbrick tracker naked, since early October, we have started a business sponsorship with the Australian Conservation Foundation.

This is a project where our customers can decide to purchase the excellent Yellowbrick tracker with no frills and donate $20 to ACF.

By importing Yellowbrick tracking devices without the packaging and charging devices, we significantly reduce their weight, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions by an estimated 3.7 tonnes per 200 units. The same shipment of 200 units will be 96 kilos lighter!

Customers can now choose to donate the cost of the charger and packaging ($17) to ACF, one of our country’s most influential environmental organisations. And for every Naked Yellowbrick sold, G-Layer will chip in another $3 (which we save in shipping costs) to round up the donation to $20.

We are proud to support ACF, and we are proud of donating part of our revenue to support the Australian environment.

Our Telecommunications provider


In one word TelcoGreen, based in Mullumbimby, the biggest little town in Australia.

It’s a local communications provider which services our needs wherever we go under Australia’s skies.
TelcoGreen provides G-layer with it’s highly professional service and support.

TelcoGreen donates 10% of its earnings to sustainable charities, their office is solar-powered and for every service added they plant a tree.

Our workshop, “the shed”

Antennas and Solar Panels

A state-of-the-art facility, with a low carbon footprint and a massive 2KW PV array.

Yes, at G-layer we do walk the talk.

We have invested time and resources constructing a functional work environment, where new ideas takes shape.

In the Shed we build all our custom electronics and our field kits.

All lighting is LED, most equipment is recycled and runs on DC power.

By refurbishing our lab equipment, we diminish the amount of e-waste, and therefore our environmental footprint.

The Shed was build by Corewood building and renovations.

Our Web hosting

Tjiltjapuna logoTjiltjapuna Web Design, Domain and Hosting have been our provider since 2009 and are a 100% Accredited Green Power user since the inception of the alternative energy supply.

Tjiltjapuna is an authorized TPP reseller who is the wholesale branch of Netregistry, who are committed to supporting the communities in which they operate and encourages employees to get involved and make a difference.



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G-Layer is also committed to doing our bit for the environment as our work shop is totally powered by solar panels and the website is designed and maintain by Tjiltjapuna Web Designs who is an Accredited 100% Green Renewable Power user.

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