KRSP chooses RockSTAR – The Rugged Solution for the Toughest Environments

G-layer was first contacted by KRSP in February. They had heard about our services all the way over there in Broome, Western Australia, and wanted to know what we could do for them.

KRSP stands for Kimberly Regional Service Provider, and they have been based in Broome since 1998, servicing 54 remote Aboriginal communities in one of the most beautiful and rugged areas of the nation. They provide indispensable infrastructure such as water tanks, generators and sewage systems.
The Kimberly is a remote area in which mobile towers are a rarity, exactly the type of terrain we specialize in. We are pleased to supply truly global solutions for tracking and communication needs.

In order to gain a better understanding of the challenge we were facing, I flew to Broome to meet Cameron and Paul at the KRSP headquarters. After talking with them, I knew we had the tool they were missing: RockSTAR Pro.

We gave them an extensive demonstration of our RockSTAR tracker, showing in detail how powerful our Core web interface is and how easy it could be for them to keep track of their vehicles and solitary workers. Of course they were interested and after few months decided to come on board and use the RockSTAR for daily operations.

KRSP chooses RockSTAR The Rugged Solution for the Toughest Environments

RockSTAR Tracker Messenger
Remote Worker Safety System


After a month of operations, this is the feedback I’ve got from Cameron:

“At KRSP the safety of our staff is paramount. RockSTAR has provided us with the tools to safely monitor & manage the movement of our staff throughout the vastness of the Kimberley area.
It is common place that our staff are frequently in locations where there is no terrestrial or mobile phone coverage & it is in these situations that RockSTAR becomes invaluable to us.
The ability to monitor staff 24/7 not only provides a significant safety net for their own well being but at the same time it allows us to plan & operate our work activities with greater efficiency and meet tight time lines of our demanding service delivery.”

RockSTAR Satellite Tracker for Remote Workers

RockSTAR Satellite Tracker – Simply a Better Choice

Resistant, reliable and relentless, RockSTAR pro was the best choice for KRSP.

RockSTAR tracker messenger equips KRSP vehicles and personnel working in isolated and dangerous environments. Anywhere they go, there position is reported at regular intervals and they are always in touch with their head office, thanks to RockSTAR messaging features. A big red button is always well in reach, just in case things go wrong. In such remote environments, safety is always paramount.

RockSTAR, which is the industrial version of Yellowbrick V3 MKII,  was chosen because it is capable of operating under the most challenging conditions.
RockSTAR also well integrates with other rugged equipment, tablets and rugged computers.

Certifications and approvals are all well and good, and of course we have them all, but nothing is better than real world testing.
Our equipment has been to both Poles, in the Amazon, Borneo, Congo and across all the oceans, and we are proud to offer RockSTAR to Australian customers.

Unlike the competitors, RockSTAR is cost effective to operate. As a single tracker or as part of a fleet, it costs less than other equipment over the long run, and it doesn’t lock the owner into expensive contracts.

Operating a fleet of RockSTAR trackers/messengers is easy and greatly enhances the safety of remote workers and vehicles deployed in the field.


G-layer – Service Provider of the Service Providers

As KRSP is a special customer, we have decided to go the extra mile and offer at no additional cost our premium technical support and training.
Customer satisfaction is very important for us at G-layer, and we’re happy only if our customer is satisfied.

RockSTAR Tracker Kimberly




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