Out on the ocean – G-layer and the Yellowbrick Tracking Device has got you covered

Maggie Drum

Australia has one of the longest coastlines of any country in the world, so it’s hardly surprising at the extent of boat ownership we have, not only for pleasure but for business and commercial use too.

When boaties are equipping their vessels for a long voyage, coastal cruising or even day trips on the tinny or jetski – there are some common requests we often get – How can I stay in touch with the folks back home? How do they know where I am, day to day or minute to minute… What if the worst happens – who will know my last known position?

This of course is where the Yellowbrick is on its home ground, having been specifically developed for marine applications, it will happily update its position to a website from anywhere on land or sea, at whatever interval you like (from 1 minute to 12 hours). Not only position reporting but text messaging is available to AND from the device (in email or sms format) at the cost of one credit per 50 characters.

This is not just cost saving, but life changing for the vessel owner / operator who has simply not had these options available with earlier tracking systems.

Although there are some budget trackers out there, none of them have the guaranteed coverage and the two-way messaging abilities at the reasonable cost of ownership that Yellowbrick brings to the scene, let alone the proven reliability. That is a very important distinction, and why we are so proud of these tough little units.

Boat flags

GPS tracking devices – Yellowbrick pole-to-pole coverage

Another thing we are often asked by long distance sailors is coverage black spots – Aussies are so used to the patchy network coverage around this huge country that our customers often can’t believe that the Yellowbricks simply never go out of range. As long as they can see the sky they will go on communicating and sending positions back home. From the remote Kimberleys to outside the Great Barrier Reef, coverage is always there.

The Yellowbrick is, in essence, a personal GPS satellite tracking device, that with its mil-spec toughness is more than at home in the nautical world. Available right now in the G-layer shop.

Out on the ocean - G-layer and the Yellowbrick Tracking Device has got you covered

Yellowbrick marine tracking device – With Maggie Drum across the Indian Ocean

The best marine tracking device, for the trip of the lifetime. From Ballina, all the way to the Mediterranean.

Duncan and Caroline called the G-layer few months ago, they heard we were the guys who can keep them connected during their long journey to the Med.
Duncan is an amateur radio operator, and he immediately saw the value in our Yellowbrick GPS tracker. At their request we visited them in Alstonville NSW and demonstrated why Yellowbrick V3 is the tracker of choice for yacht owners and for many other marine applications.

Duncan and Caroline’s sailing yacht The Maggie Drum, is now north of Moreton Island, entering the Coral sea. Soon she’ll be out of any GSM network but their Yellowbrick will never run out of coverage.

Their position will be visible on their Yblog during their entire journey, their family and friends will be able to follow their progress and see where they are at all times.

Maggie Drum Yblog



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