Personal Tracking Device & Messenger – Yellowbrick V3 MKII in the middle of the Outback with remote workers

Personal Tracking Device and Messenger

Yellowbrick V3 is a personal tracking device and messenger, the ideal companion for Australia’s remote workers.

If you work in the outback, never feel alone or stranded anymore as the Yellowbrick V3 is with you every step of the way.

GSM carriers today serve close to 90% of Australians, but the amount of landmass which isn’t covered is still huge and perhaps never will be served by any terrestrial infrastructure.

Yellowbrick personal tracking device works thanks to the Iridium satellite constellation, therefore it’s totally independent of any GSM network. Coverage is global (see the coverage map for details), from the North Pole to the South Pole, and everywhere in between.

Yellowbrick will relay your position, with extreme accuracy, to your designated contacts and will enable you to send SMS and emails from virtually anywhere in Australia.

GPS Tracking Device in the Outback

Yellowbrick Tracking Device is
packed with features, enhance your safety

Beside being the best tracking system on the market, Yellowbrick V3 comes with a large amount of features, such as alerts, customisable pre-set messages, geo-fence alerts and indeed a big red emergency button to push in case of trouble.

Thanks to it’s Blue-tooth networking capabilities, it pairs with Apple and Android devices for advanced messaging features, but, unlike some other trackers, Yellowbrick V3 does not need an other device to be used as a messenger. It functions well as a stand alone unit, with it’s easy to use key-pad and bright oled screen.

Yellowbrick V3, available also in blue, has an outstanding battery life, again a first in the segment.
A single charge will easily last up to 2000 positions.

A two-way device, which will enable you to be safer when working out there, knowing that you can always count on your Yellowbrick.

No contract, pay only if you use it – Yellowbrick costs of ownership are low and flexible.

Yellowbrick tracking systems, beside being efficient and reliable, have very competitive costs of ownership.
First of all, there is no lock-in contract whatsoever. You can activate the device month by month and you don’t need to pay if you don’t use it.
Credits are affordable and bulk purchases will guarantee you the cheapest cost of ownership.
No tricks, no hidden costs, 1 position = 1 credit.

G-layer is the Australian importer and reseller for Yellowbrick and Rock7 products, we are proudly offering to our customers the best tracking device out there. Shop on our website with confidence or give us a call.

Personal Tracking Device in the Outback with remote workers



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