Explorer 700

Explorer 700

Explorer 700
“The EXPLORER 700 is thoroughly edgy, providing speed,
a wide variety of features, detachable antenna and numerous interfaces
for clear and professional communication.”

Providing versatility and high speed access with multiple interfaces for countless applications. 

Choose EXPLORER 700 if you need the fastest, most flexible BGAN terminal.

Ultimate performance
With download and upload speeds up to 492 kbps, EXPLORER 700 is fast. Additionally it supports Inmarsat’s BGAN X-Stream, on-demand streaming service at +384 kbps.Harness the power of IP applications that require high-speed connectivity, transfer large files and stream high quality video and audio. Perform professionally, anywhere in world.

Single or multi-user
A detachable antenna means EXPLORER 700 is suitable for temporary camps and may be used by smaller workgroups sharing a temporary or semi-permanent office environment.Because EXPLORER 700 provides access to the highest BGAN bandwidth available, multi-user access, enabling teams on the ground to work safely and efficiently, can be deployed with ease.

Reliable connectivity
EXPLORER 700 can withstand severe environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, extreme weather and changing temperatures, so stable, reliable connectivity is inherent.Media, government, humanitarian, business and a wide range of other demanding users know that EXPLORER 700 is built to last and that when they want to connect, they can. Without fail.


  • Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN
  • Full duplex, single or multi-user, up to 492 kbps
  • Support for streaming IP at 32, 64, 128, 256 kbps
  • Seamless global coverage
  • Standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth and phone/fax ports
  • Integral DHCP/NAT wireless router
  • ISDN compatibility
  • Built-in web server allowing you to manage your phone book, messages and calls, and customize the terminal to your specific needs
  • Solar panel direct interface
  • Detachable lightweight antenna with integral transceiver stand and transceiver-to-antenna range in excess of 100m/328ft
  • Compact portable unit, sturdy and reliable construction
  • Humidity, dust, weather and temperature-resistant design
  • Rapid deployment and takedown

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