RockSTAR – Remote Worker Safety System

RockSTAR Satellite Tracker for Remote WorkersIt has been just under a year since we started to import RockSTAR remote worker safety system in Australia.

To date there are dozens of units out there, deployed in the most impervious and rugged areas of the continent, and not a single one has came back for repairs.

Where cellular coverage stops RockSTAR gives its best, making sure remote workers and outback professionals are safe and can communicate back to base, regardless of where they are.

Besides being a reliable remote worker safety system, RockSTAR is also a global messenger capable of sending emails and SMS. It works well as a stand-alone unit, or with Bluetooth pairing with IOS and Android devices.

Map remote workers gps tracking

Packed with features
the “turn key” solution for your Remote Worker Safety System

There are several features making RockSTAR a very special and dependable product.

You can rely on the RockSTAR Remote Worker Safety System to offer truly global coverage, no matter how remote the location. Powered by the Iridium satellite constellation, accurate GPS location data and messaging capability is available 24/7.

A key function of the RockSTAR is the extensive list of advanced alerts that are available for self-management within the Remote Worker Safety System. The Dead Man’s Switch and Duress Alarm alerts are highly popular with employers who want peace of mind that no matter where their remote workers go, help is always close.


The Dead Man’s Switch covers workers who may be unable to manually call for help after an incident has occurred. When activated, the dead man’s switch requires the remote worker to press a button on the RockSTAR every X minutes. If a button is not pressed at least every X minutes or when prompted, then an automatic alert is sent.

The Duress Alarm, on the other hand, can be used in an emergency situation where the worker feels threatened or unwell and is able to access their RockSTAR device. They simply press the alert button and a message is sent to the nominated emergency contacts with their precise location.


The Core Remote Worker Safety SystemThe CORE – Powerful web interface
for Remote Worker Safety System

Behind every RockSTAR there is a powerful back-office web interface, the CORE. It comes as part of the package whether you deploy 1 or 500 trackers.

The CORE comes at no extra cost and with an excellent support team ready to help you get the best out of your fleet of tracking devices.
We will advise you and insure RockSTAR remote worker safety system runs cost efficiently, meeting your expectations.

The CORE will keep your office team up-to-date on where every single worker is, and it will alert first responders if the duress button is pressed or if a geo-fence has been breached. Administering a fleet of RockSTAR devices is easy and trouble free with the CORE.

The RockSTAR tracker and messenger does not fear the Australian sun, nor its unforgiving weather. If your company needs a worker safety system, or if you are a sole trader working in a dangerous environment, give us a call and ask us about RockSTAR.

Rugged, reliable and relentless: RockSTAR




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