RockFLEET Asset Tracking – Coming soon, at G-layer think tank

Exciting times are coming up for the G-Layer think tank. Business is growing and we’re getting ready to bring new products to our Australian customers.

As “the shed” becomes bigger and bigger, we’ll soon need something capable of storing a large amount of new stock.

Last year we introduced the Yellowbrick V3 MKII and its industrial version RockSTAR into Australia. This December we will exclusively launch the new RockFLEET asset tracking product down-under.

YB3 – world’s best GPS tracker and messenger

design-01Of course, our best-seller, the super rugged and reliable GPS tracker and messenger, YB3, is still available from our shop as well. Built to last and to perform under the harshest conditions, YB3 has earned a reputation in the marine market, amongst bush-walkers and also 4WD enthusiasts. Outback professionals and adventurers find it a dependable work-horse for their tracking needs.

We’ve tried hard to break it, and to find a bad review for our tracker on the web, but we weren’t able to fulfil this task! We believe the Yb3 GPS tracker is the best tracker in the world, and our customers can be assured that the product comes with our support and technical assistance at no extra cost.

The Yb3 has always been contract free, so this means it is cheaper to run than our competitors. While it is true that the hardware is more expensive than some other devices, because quality comes at a price, we do not subsidise this price with high transmission costs. We aren’t trying to make the cheapest tracker out there. We make the best. And we charge sensible fees for sending position reports and messages, depending on how much or little you use.

We don’t have a lot of confusing price plans like the toy trackers – there’s just one. Pay for what you use and don’t pay anything when you aren’t using it. Simple.

Don’t settle for anything less than a Yb3.

G-Layer with Eric Philips – 2015

Eric Philips

We will keep on supporting Eric Philips in 2015.

Eric will put to the test our very own equipment and we’ll make sure he’s always connected, no matter where in the planet he will be.

Eric is currently getting ready for another Antarctic adventure.

He and his YB3 tracker and messenger are inseparable, and this year he’ll also have an Iridium GO! satellite phone, both out of the G-Layer stock. We’ll continue to push the boundaries with Eric.


RockSTAR – remote worker safety system

Rockstar Keeping trackOur Industrial grade GPS tracker and messenger, RockSTAR is simply as tough as it gets. None of the competitors offer such a comprehensive package. Where cellular coverage stops RockSTAR gives its best, making sure remote workers and outback professionals are safe and can communicate back to base, regardless of where they are.

Besides being a reliable remote worker safety system, RockSTAR is also a global messenger capable of sending emails and SMS. It works well as a stand-alone unit, or with Bluetooth pairing with IOS and Android devices.

Rugged, reliable and relentless: RockSTAR

We have currently a large stock of RockSTAR available!

RockFLEET – dual band, fleet management, asset tracking

rockfleet_with_logo_and_ground_shinyFinally, the latest and greatest product we are bringing to Australia will be the RockFLEET asset tracking industrial grade dual band tracker and messenger! It is only 130mm in diameter, and weighs just 350 grams. With a range of mounting options available, it is designed for permanent installation on ships, yachts, land vehicles or light aircraft.

The RockFLEET asset tracker includes the innovative feature of an optional GSM unit. This enables the tracker to use terrestrial mobile phone networks when they are available, and only switch to the global Iridium satellite network when it is necessary, thereby saving you money.

As with all our tracking products, the RockFLEET asset tracking is rugged, waterproof and has been tested in all the harshest possible environments. There are no contracts involved, and you only pay line rental and transmission costs when you are using it.

We are very excited to make this cutting-edge product available to our Australian customers!



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