RockStar – The toughest Personnel Tracker for Remote Regions

KRSP chooses RockSTAR The Rugged Solution for the Toughest EnvironmentsKimberly Regional Service Providers – (KRSP) select G-Layer and RockStar for their personnel tracker needs.

It’s was over a year ago that G-Layer was approached to provide a solution for monitoring remote workers for KRSP in Broome, West Australia. KRSP were keen to ensure the safety of their staff in the incredibly difficult operating environment of the distant north west. These guys have been operating in this district for over 15 years, providing crucial services to far flung indigenous communities in this sparse part of Australia.

KRSP maintains water and sanitation infrastructure for communities spread across a huge part of remote West Aus, and there are certainly not many cellphone towers to be seen out there. Their location is challenging and unique but this is exactly the challenge that we love at G-Layer, ensuring comms and tracking needs are met even in the trickiest of places. So we were more than happy to get in touch with Cameron and Paul and the KRSP team, and customise a solution for them.

After initial consultation, it was clear to us that the RockStar Pro is a perfect fit for their operational needs, so we tailored a Core interface for them and Gionny flew over to demo and train everyone on the new system.

The results have been impressive, and a showcase of how powerful and flexible a fleet of RockStars can be, when used to oversee equipment and personnel. KRSP are now “power users” with an optimised system including geofencing and dead-man alerts for their 4wds and solitary remote workers.

Rockstar Going SoloRockStar pro messenger
The best personnel tracker out there

Over the last year we’ve been providing fleet upgrades and after sales support to Cameron, Paul and the team – which is all part of the service you get from G-Layer, as we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for special customers like KRSP. Gionny will be back over there next week to check on things and show off the latest advancements in field operations, also making sure everything is running up to scratch.

The RockStar Pro version was simply the best choice as a personnel tracker for KRSP. The units are installed in 4wd vehicles with quick release mounts, so they can stay with the operator, reporting at scheduled times but always with the alert button in easy reach for time of distress. This is not just a sense of security for the field workers themselves, but for the management team back at head office who are ultimately responsible for the staff’s safety.rockstar-1


RockSTAR Personnel tracker
Industrial strengh, for the outback professionals

The RockStar is the industrial equivalent of the Yellowbrick trackers, optimised for fleet management in unforgiving environments like the Kimberley. It was selected as a personnel tracker because KRSP knew it would perform above all others. The devices also play nice with other equipment via the bluetooth connection, so it’s easy to tether phones + tablets and rugged laptops for more features and ease of use. The remote workers are a fan of this feature, as it’s much easier to send and receive messages through an app interface.

The KRSP rollout shows again that we believe in real world testing. All the specs and certifications are great on paper, but it’s use in adverse conditions that really proves the point. Whether it be the polar ice caps, the alps or the jungle, our trackers have always just kept performing. The hot red dust of the Kimberley has proven a tough challenge but the RockStar has proven itself again as the toughest and most reliable personnel tracker solution on the market.

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