RockSTAR Tracking

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Global Tracking

Whether your’re tracking a person, a vehicle or an iceberg, the RockSTAR
is one of the few trackers available to give you truly global coverage.
Position reports back from anywhere in the World.
Rockstar Keeping track

Total Coverage

RockSTAR gets GPS fixes, and transmits positions over the Iridium satellite network.Monitor the progress of vehicles, vessels or people wherever they go.Unlike most trackers, the RockSTAR really does work anywhere on Earth, including the polar and ocean regions.Rockstar Hand


Whether you want just one position report per day, or you’re looking to get updates every few seconds, the RockSTAR can handle it.It is totally self-contained, light and portable, and has an incredible battery life – so it’s just a case of picking it up and off you go.Nothing to install, no power requirements.Rockstar Permanent Mounting

Permanent Mounting

Dedicated mounting options are available for customers who wish to attach a unit permanently to a vehicle or vessel.The RockSTAR can also run from mains power from 9v to 24v.


Rockstar The Core



Keeping tabs on your fleet of RockSTAR units is simple, using our web-based management system called ‘The CORE’.



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