Carey Vivian – Racing Against Time



The Motor Neurone Cycle Challenge 2015

G-Layer is proud sponsor of this epic 4,000Km bike ride around New Zealand



The Cause

Racing Against TimeMotor Neurone Disease (MND) is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells – neurones – that control the muscles that enable us to move, speak, breathe and swallow undergo degeneration and die.

With no nerves to activate them, muscles gradually weaken and waste away, causing increasing loss of mobility in the limbs, and difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing and, eventually, death.

Nobody knows what causes MND, and researchers are yet to find any known drug that controls the degeneration. Most cases occur for no apparent reason in people without a family history of the disease. Many people have never heard about this disease before, or know about it but haven’t grasped what it does.

Carey Vivian is embarking on a charity bike ride the length of New Zealand this February,  raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of NZ. The route take me about 4,000km, mostly off-road, over a 6 week period.

G-Layer proudly sponsors Carey for the length of his journey around New Zealand.

He uses a YB3 satellite tracking device, enabling his supporters to follow his progress real time. Carey will also  keep in touch with the love once using the YB3 messaging capabilities.


Carey Vivian, in his own words:

Carey Vivian“I’ve been riding bikes since the age of two, and it occurred to me that my experience in this sport could help with fundraising and awareness.

I am an elected life member of the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club (awarded for my services to trail development, race organisation, fundraising and advocacy for the Club in the Queenstown Lakes area) and a long serving Trustee of Queenstown Trails Trust.

I have been developing mountain bike trails in the Wakatipu Basin for over twelve years, particularly in the 7 Mile Bike Park.

I’m 41, an environmental town planner with my own company in Queenstown, and a married father of two.

After the news of my Dad’s diagnosis, I researched all I could and decided that I needed to do something tangible for Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand (MNDA), an organization that relies on a very small pool of funds in order to help those suffering around the country.”

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You can follow Carey Vivian live ride here:



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