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SOL For Adventurers

SOL for your outdoor adventures


Sunrise on the Leichardt River ready to power up SOL and capture the soul of the outback

When adventuring into the remote outback of Australia, which has climate and terrain extremes, the SOL Laptop ensures you are able to document and share your experience of a continent that has changed little since the Dreamtime. G-layer makes it possible to travel across the outback with the Sun powering your impression as the adventures happen in this vast wilderness of ancient mountain ranges, magnificent gorges, waterfalls and remote communities with deep and abiding links between culture and country.

The spirit of adventure into the remote outback to wide open spaces, deserts wilderness, or perhaps heading into the remoteness of the Kimberley’s where there is a sense of history and exploration in anticipation of your next expedition. Natural thoughts of your day while sitting around a camp fire under a clear sky are able to be recounted on the SOL Laptop which can run for up to ten hours after the sun has charged it with solar power.

Recharging by using the sun when needed and connecting via one of the a satellite terminal that G-Layer has on offer or, in the future, by Google from the sky a SOL Laptop will give you the performance from rugged equipment that will be a reliable throughout your expedition.

Caravaners and campers
Camping in the dusty outback with SOL you never need to worry about power as the SOL Laptop is built to handle the two feet bull-dust or miles of corrugated dirt track you travel on to get to the beautiful gorge or waterfalls or beach to wash it all off.

While laying back in the sun at your end destination either by a waterfall at the end of a breathtaking gorge or on a beach or by the river in a remote location SOL will be recharging too.

Travellers and backpackers
For those of you who have come to Australia to experience the outback, G-Layer has just what you need to accompany you on your travels.

Cheap and Green the SOL laptop is a travellers companion for those who want total connectivity and a battery that never runs out.

Stay for few months down-under backpacking and travelling all over the country.

Professional adventurers
Stay tuned, coming soon.

Stay tuned, coming soon.



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G-Layer also subscribes to TelcoGreen Pty Ltd (2007) for all our Mobile, Landline & Internet Services, check out how Green they are being.

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