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Harness the Power

Our sunburnt land now has a laptop that can harness not only the power of the sun but also the power of imagination. Communities and children in our outback are severely disadvantaged by the lack of devices that supports their education with technology.

Implementation of the new Australian Curriculum, which will be heavily supported by online resources, together with an undertaking by governments to publish information about the performance of schools, further highlights the need to have “the right information in the right place at the right time” for use by students, teachers, parents and policy makers.

Students need challenging and engaging learning experiences. Teachers need tools to help them plan, deliver and report on learning programs that meet student needs. Parents increasingly expect to monitor and support student progress through online links to schools. The DER seeks to accelerate progress towards these goals. NSIP’s work supports the DER by providing leadership and support in the delivery of digital education products.

SOL Potential for the 60 remote communities identified by the department of education

Sol Connecting the Outback

What Works? Explorations in Improving Outcomes for Indigenous Students (McRae et al, 2000). – an account and discussion of a government initiative, the non-capital Strategic Results Projects element of the Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Programme, designed to explore how improvements in achievement might be made relatively quickly through dedicated resources and effort.

SOL Laptops addresses AICTEC Priorities

Key requirements for good use of ICT for learning and teaching are:

  • Educator skills and enthusiasm;
  • Very good, affordable communications infrastructure;
  • Compelling, easily accessible content;
  • Easy to use collaboration tools; and
  • Ubiquitous computing capacity.

AICTEC’s focus is accordingly on those areas where a cross sectoral and cross jurisdictional approach can provide national solutions to support education and training in Australia to provide these key requirements.

National Digital Learning Resources Network
Technical, accessibility and educational requirements
Leading ICT Learning in Technology Enabled Schools
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