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Frequently Asked Questions.

When will SOL be available?

While SOL will first launch in Africa we are working with WeWi to ensure that SOL will be available before the end of 2013. We have partnered with WeWi to help us with the delivery and sales of SOL.

How much will SOL cost?

As the Australian distributors we adhere to WeWi fair pricing policy so that the prices stay low.

Is the Solar Panel detachable?

Absolutely! You can use it with an extension chord so you can work indoors while SOL charges.

Can I install other OS on it?

SOL has been optimised and tested to work best with the Ubuntu OS that the WeWi manufactures installed. However Sol is capable of handling the OS of your choice.

How many hours does it need to charge?

A little over 2 hours either with the solar panels or with an AC power adapter if you are working indoors and you will be ready to go at 100%.

Submersible version?

While we don’t recommend you go diving or swimming with SOL water won’t be its arch nemesis ;)

Will I be able to charge SOL via a standard AC power adapter?

Yes, SOL comes with an AC power adapter

Can I buy one and donate one?

This is an amazing request we’ve received from a lot of people! We’ll be adding something special just for you!

Will there be a student discount?

The short answer is: Yes! The long answer is: Yes, absolutely!

What about anti-glare screens?

We’ve added an anti-glare film to the screen which should be quite readable in sun.



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G-Layer also subscribes to TelcoGreen Pty Ltd (2007) for all our Mobile, Landline & Internet Services, check out how Green they are being.

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