Stay in Touch while Travelling: it’s Easy with Yellowbrick 3!

Stay in Touch while Travelling it's Easy with Yellowbrick 3

How much of our beautiful country have you seen? Have you ever wanted to explore more?

Travelling in our own land is not something that can be taken lightly. As thousands of caravaners, off-roaders and grey nomads will verify, Australia is a vast country and unfortunately only partially covered by the GSM terrestrial network.

One of the reasons G-layer decided to import and resell Yellowbricks here, was to offer travellers an alternative to cheap and unreliable trackers. Our products greatly outperform the competition at an affordable price, and we believe they are the best choice if you want value for money.

Yellowbrick V3, is not only an extremely reliable satellite tracking device, but it’s also a two-way messenger, capable of pairing with iOS and Android enabled devices for advanced messaging features.

Thanks to the Iridium network, Yellowbrick can be used to send and receive SMS and emails, and even make social media updates on the go! There is reliable coverage throughout the whole of Australia, and of course the rest of the world from pole to pole.

Yellowbrick 3 Reliable Satellite Tracking Device

Exploring Australia can take months, or even years. Let your loved ones know where you are. Let them know you’re ok and you’re having a great time (or an awesome time). Let them be able to reach you, wherever you are.

Our Yellowbrick is build on military specifications for the real world and it will never let you down. It comes with an extended battery life and a huge range of optional accessories for your vehicle.

Members of Explore OZ can have the added benefit of reporting their positions through the site EOTrackMe.

So when you’re travelling in the outback you can let other caravaners and 4WD adventurers know where you’re going and where you’ve been.

You can buy our trackers with the confidence they will keep performing year after year.

Call now or drop us an email, and our friendly staff will be happy to help you choose which model of Yellowbrick suits your needs.




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