Stonewall Peak Trail

Bushwalking in California with my Yellowbrick GPS tracker

Stonewall Peak Trail

It’s been a while since I’ve departed Australia. I’m currently in Southern California on a business trip, returning down-under later this summer.
This weekend a couple of friends invited me to join them in a bushwalk. Excited by the arid desert  landscape of the Cuyamaka State Park, I could not resist the temptation of a Sunday hike.

And of course I’ve decided to take with me my old and trusted Yellowbrick MKI GPS tracker.
At G-layer we have been selling Yellowbrick V3 MKII GPS trackers for more than a year now. MKI is a discontinued model but this is my personal GPS tracker, bought quite some time ago before we started to import them from the UK.

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker Stonewall Peak

My Yellowbrick GPS tracker has been around the world with me, to the North Pole, in the Amazon Jungle and to many more memorable places. We have a large stock of MKIIs, but I wanted my old Yellowbrick to come up Stonewall Peak with me.

At the end of a beautiful fire trail is an amazing granite formation. The climb is hard but pretty rewarding once on top. Pretty much in any direction the view is stunning and from the top you can admire birds of prey catching the thermals.

Yellowbrick GPS tracker – effective and reliable

My old Yellowbrick GPS tracker was set at 5 minute intervals and worked just like a swiss clock, effortlessly finding a good fix and uploading my position via its Iridium SBD modem.

Mountain Trekking

Once on top of Stonewall peak I fired up a manual update to check the GPS precision using 3D fix quality. The Yellowbrick did not let me down, measuring the height of the summit with great accuracy. It was pretty cold up there, seeing it’s winter in California now. Rattlers are in bed and only a few Coyotes are around. Once back to the camp ground we hit the bar to celebrate the last weekend of this year.

The Yellowbrick GPS tracker is truly built to last, and perform from everywhere on earth. After years of operation and abuse, my MKI is still doing a great job. I’m glad John and I decided to offer Yellowbricks through our shop for the benefit of all our Australian customers.

YBlog stonewall peak

Yellowbrick GPS tracker – Flexible plan, no lock in contracts

Arguably the best GPS tracker out there, the Yellowbrick comes with a truly global and flexible plan. Minimum commitment is one month, credits are cheap… even cheaper in bulk and they never expire.

Our GPS tracker is a bit more expensive upfront, but you’ll own the tracker from day 1 and we will never lock you in to expensive contracts. Check our pricing structure for more details.

Pay only for the months you use the Yellowbrick. If you don’t use it, you don’t need to pay a single penny. Easy!

Purchase a Yellowbrick GPS tracker from our shop or get in touch for further info.

Next week I’ll be in Mexico, I’m sure I’ll find some time for another bushwalk.

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