Summer Specials with Yellowbrick Tracker

Summer specials at G-layer
Free shipping and a Soft Pouch for every Yellowbrick Tracker!

Free ShippingUntil the end of Summer, we want to reward our adventurous customers by offering another special deal.

After succesfully introducing Yellowbrick tracker and messenger into the Australian market, G-layer offers free shipping and a soft pouch if you buy a Yellowbrick before summer ends. Great value, for our valued customers!

For the rest of the season and until stock lasts an essential accessory will be yours, if you buy a Yellowbrick tracker and messenger.

Yellowbrick Tracker and Messenger

Why Yellowbrick?


Yellowbrick is the ideal tracker and messenger for professional adventurers, but the pricing structure means it is also the economical option for casual hikers, weekend off-roaders, dirt bike riders, or anyone wanting to keep in touch and be safe in remote locations.



Yellowbrick Airtime Package – Just Perfect for Your Holiday

Airtime prices are always on special with Yellowbrick! There is a misconception that Yellowbricks are more expensive than the competitors. While the high-quality components and features do mean a bigger purchase price upfront, we will never surprise you with extravagant activation fees, and the minimum commitment with us is just one month.

The competitors’ hardware may be cheaper, but they lock you in for a minimum one-year contract. That’s why we believe Yellowbrick has lower overall costs of ownership and is better value for money than its competitors.

For more details about airtime prices, see the Yellowbrick pricing structure.

Pouch Belt

G-Layer Wishes you Safe Travels!

We know how Australians like to go bush in the holidays, so here at G-Layer we want to make it easier for you to get off the beaten track while letting those at home know where you are and that you’re having a great time.

Your Yellowbrick tracker and messenger will plot your position on a website as often as you want, and also let you send text messages and update social networking sites from wherever you are in Australia, or around the world.

When buying a Yellowbrick, don’t forget to ask for it “Naked”, without a charger and expensive packaging, to support ACF.

Yellowbrick tracker and messenger is in stock, but better be quick!


Pouch Rail



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