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Yellowbrick: a Game Changer at the North Pole

North pole camp

This month is a very exciting development for G-Layer, as we are proud to be part of a media expedition to the real North Pole: 90° N! To support this daunting journey, we have provided expertise and equipment for the entire expedition, including custom made winterised components.

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It’s a Long Way to the Top

Arctic Ice

Reaching the North Pole isn’t as easy as we had hoped. A strong southern current is pushing the ice while we sleep, so each morning we are waking up further from our target than the day before. Then the are the pressure ridges and water streams that

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G-Layer at the North Pole

G-Layer at the North Pole

In an exciting first for G-Layer, we’ll be taking part in a media expedition to the North Pole this month! We will be sending daily images and footage from the cross-country ski trek from April 4 to 14. Although we have previously provided technical support for several

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G-Layer is also committed to doing our bit for the environment as our work shop is totally powered by solar panels and the website is designed and maintain by Tjiltjapuna Web Designs who is an Accredited 100% Green Renewable Power user.

G-Layer also subscribes to TelcoGreen Pty Ltd (2007) for all our Mobile, Landline & Internet Services, check out how Green they are being.

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