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Personal GPS Tracking Device – Yellowbrick and G-Layer with Eric Philips

Personal gps tracker Yellowbrick

For over a year we’ve been supporting Eric Philips with our Yellowbrick personal GPS tracking device. Besides being a great professional, Eric is also a friend. I was lucky enough to participate in a Polar expedition which he lead, and I’ve always been fascinated by his “expedition”

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Tracking Devices for Aircraft: Fly Safely with Yellowbrick!

Yellowbrick V3 MKII standard version

Tracking Devices for helicopters and small aeroplanes is one problem G-layer has been trying to solve for the past decade. Our communications consulting work frequently takes us to remote areas such as the Amazon, Indonesia, the Himalayas, the North Pole, Antartica and the vast oceans. Closer to

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G-Layer is also committed to doing our bit for the environment as our work shop is totally powered by solar panels and the website is designed and maintain by Tjiltjapuna Web Designs who is an Accredited 100% Green Renewable Power user.

G-Layer also subscribes to TelcoGreen Pty Ltd (2007) for all our Mobile, Landline & Internet Services, check out how Green they are being.

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