The Longest Drive – Yellowbrick tracking this adventure around Australia

The Longest DriveGoing on right now in Australia – “The Longest Drive” are a three man adventure team trying to complete the Big Loop around notorious highway 1.

The fun part, they’re doing it non-stop in a Porsche Cayenne, with only pit-stops to refuel. That’s the whole country, non-stop.

The team left Sydney on the 6th March at 0800 and it looks like they’re going to complete their loop of the continent in a couple more days. This morning as we check their progress on the embedded Yellowbrick Tracking map we see that they are not far from Adelaide and making good time.

Who are these guys? Well, the team is Jan Kalmar, a veteran of previous Longest Drive challenges, Will Schryver, a filmmaker recording a doco of the trip and a no doubt very cool time-lapse video of it all, and Campbell Fraser another experienced adventurer who also participated in the first Longest Drive challenge across Euro-Asia.

We should point out that Jan, Will and Campbell know what they’re doing, all have a professional driving background and this is not a timed trial of any sort. More an endurance challenge than a cannonball run style race. A test of humans and machines, almost to breaking point.

Trip around Australia3 men, 10 days, 20,000Km

These guys have completed a couple of these challenges prior to this adventure, including a circumnavigation of the planet as close as possible to the 48th Northern Latitude line. A short trip of only 20,000km, achieved in only 10 days of driving.

What will they do next? After the big loop, the car and crew heads over to Europe in preparation for their next ambitious mission – the North to South project. This is a leisurely stint from Northern Norway to South Cape in South Africa. Via London and Cape Town just to make it interesting and knock off a couple of world records in the process.

Loop of Australia

So this all sounds like a bit of fun, but there must be a purpose to it and there certainly is. The mission is raising funds and awareness for the charity, Farm Africa – a registered charity working to end hunger in Eastern Africa. They work with small scale farmers typically on no more than an acre of land each, helping them to grow food in the challenging conditions across Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Head to to see how you can help.

You can follow the drive on the website which of course features the live Yellowbrick tracker map, a very active picture blog and links to Facebook & Twitter.

Good luck guys and safe driving! We’ll buy you that beer we promised when you make it back to the East coast.



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