Tracking Devices for Aircraft: Fly Safely with Yellowbrick!

Tracking Devices for helicopters and small aeroplanes is one problem G-layer has been trying to solve for the past decade.

Yellowbrick V3 MKII standard version

Yellowbrick V3 MKII Standard Version

Our communications consulting work frequently takes us to remote areas such as the Amazon, Indonesia, the Himalayas, the North Pole, Antartica and the vast oceans. Closer to home, we grab any opportunity to work in the Australian outback, with its rugged terrain, its beautiful sunsets and its hidden dangers.

In the endless open waters, the isolated polar regions or the highest mountain peaks, danger is always around the corner and, in an emergency, first responders can be days away. Aircraft are often the only transport option in these areas

Think of the Amazon rainforest. It covers an area four fifths the size of Australia: humidity, dust and impenetrable jungle in every direction. It’s easy to see how a survivable aeroplane accident can quickly become fatal if help does not come fast, but Yellowbrick has the solution.

Tracking Devices for Aircraft Fly Safely with Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick V3 MKII, in it’s PRO version, safely mounted thanks to its quick release bracket



The perfect aircraft Tracking Device!

Yellowbrick tracking systems are the perfect location technology for small areoplanes and helicopters.

They can report the aircraft’s position on a website as often as every forty seconds with extreme precision and reliability.

Yellowbrick can also be used as a messenger to receive weather reports and important updates from ground crew. In exchange, the pilot can communicate fuel figures and flight progress. Messages can be pre-set or sent using IOS and Android devices.

G-Layer brings affordable and reliable tracking and communication devices to the world of general aviation and small aircraft owners. We have tested Yellowbrick systems on Cessna Caravans, float -planes, jet aeroplanes and helicopters, both large and small.

Yellowbrick V3 does not require permanent installation and will work up to Mach 2.0 at a maximum ceiling of 52,000 feet. Try doing the same with one of our competitors!

The pilot uses the Yellowbrick app from his android device

The pilot uses the Yellowbrick app from his android device


We do thank very much Selina and Nathan at Skydive Byron Bay!



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