YB3 Aircraft Tracking on the International Gliding Circuit

G-layer‘s latest collaboration is with the Gliding Federation of Australia, who are renting some of our YB3 aircraft tracking devices to trial in their upcoming international events.

This month is the Sailplane Grand Prix, which is a world wide glider race series. The Australian round is at Lake Keepit in NSW. Three Australian pilots made it to the last series final in France earlier this year.

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Next month they will test the YB3 aircraft tracker at the Junior pre-world championships, Joeyglide. This is the national junior (under 26 y.o.) championships held in Narromine, NSW. The Junior World Gliding Championships will be held at Narromine in December next year so some European based pilots will compete in the Australian Junior Nationals alongside the Australians to get some practice flying in Australian conditions. They will learn about drinking lots of water, as it can get very hot in Narromine!

Why use YB3 aircraft tracking device to follow gliding races?

John Styles of the Gliding Federation of Australia explains:

“We choose YB3 aircraft tracking mainly because you were the only company who responded in a professional manner to our requests for information, with other organisation we found it difficult to get clear information and costs. I started with the English office who put us on to yourselves in Australia, having an Australian office we thought would be and has turned out to be very useful and you have provided excellent service.

Our aim is to have in place for the Junior World Gliding Championships in December 2015 a reliable tracking system and viewing interface for a live internet feed. We are also looking at some system to feed in live video from the glider in flight but there are some technical challenges the least of which is bandwidth.

Tracking enables other pilots and interested parties to see the race action live, to feel they are part of the race and it is now expected in Europe at any major gliding race. It allows glider racing to be accessed by a wider audience and is attractive to sponsors / partners as it is a modern media to present their products and services to potential clients.”

With the professional and friendly technical support offered by G-layer, Australian gliding races will be able to be tracked and recorded for anyone who is interested to follow.

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World Multiclass 2017 – another job for YB3 aircraft tracking device

The next major Australian gliding event to be tracked will be the World Multiclass in 2017 at Benalla in Victoria. This event involves different classes for different size wings. Bigger wings produce more performance but are more difficult to handle. But as long as the pilots take care of the flying, we here at G-layer are confident we can take care of the tracking.

The GFA administers gliding under delegation from CASA and there are about 2,500 glider pilots and about 1,200 gliders in Australia. Recently a pilot flew his glider 1,250 kms from Dalby in Qld to Tocumwal in Victoria.

With pilots flying these kind of distances, and with some gliders cost more than $250,000, YB3 aircraft trackers are a good investment in safety and peace of mind even outside of major racing events. The regular position reporting, texting options and emergency button feature mean you can never be lost with a YB3 aircraft tracking device!

Link: http://www.glidingaustralia.org



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