Yellowbrick conquers the South Pole

Yellowbrick Personal Tracking device – with Eric Philips at the South Pole

South Pole Allied Challenge

Exciting news at G-Layer today.

We have just received an update from our friend Eric Philips who has completed the South Pole Allied Challenge, finally reaching their destination at the pole, carrying one of our personal tracking device.

Eric was one of the team guides ensuring the safety of the servicemen from Walking With the Wounded on their epic mission to the Pole.

From all accounts, Prince Harry and his team (codename Glenfiddich…) put on a very strong performance, crossing the line in a unified finish with the other teams just before Christmas.


Personal tracking device  – Yellowbrick is the Adventurer’s choice

Yellowbrick conquers the South Pole

Here is what Eric had to say about our Yellowbrick personal tracking device;

The Yellowbrick supplied by G-Layer, is a valuable tool for any expeditioner.Aside from its safety function I used it to automatically update Facebook, Twitter and my Yellowbrick blog. Every day, in the warm confines of my tent on the Antarctic Plateau, I composed my blog on the Yellowbrick app on my iPhone, bluetoothed to the brick and sent the message. Easy, fast and precise. The brick itself is ruggedised, the battery life is unsurpassed and the screen works at temperatures well below what the polar regions can throw at it. Big buttons make for easy use and best of all is the set and forget function of the tracking service. Just program the device to transmit a position, anywhere between every few minutes to every day, and it will do its job without fail, automatically updating a Google map and giving an expedition’s precise locating status. I even noticed that the signal from inside containers and thick-walled tents was much better than an Iridium phone.

The South Pole Allied Challenge was a unique expedition, the largest ever ski expedition to the South Pole. With twelve wounded soldiers, supported by an additional 16 made up of guides, mentors, celebrities, medical and other support staff, it was a complex logistical exercise, made all the more difficult by the brutal Antarctic conditions. On the plateau we endured bitter cold, strong winds, difficult surface conditions and altitude-related ailments and most of these contributed to the cancellation of the race component. The last degree, from 89S to the pole, was a wonderful seven days of skiing where the spirit of shared experience became the name of the game, a universal goal to cross the finish line healthy, united and successful. The final hour was symbolic, a double amputee guiding a blind skier across the line.

Prince Harry was an integral part of his team and the expedition. He is a graceful skier, always helpful around camp and quick with a joke, I enjoyed his company. He’s a social guy and popped in now and again to say g’day, share some Glenfiddich and fire off a joke or three. Like most others he was challenged by the conditions but finished strongly.


Yellowbrick South Pole

Personal tracking device  – South Pole conquered by Yellowbrick

Below are some photos of the expedition and the Yellowbrick tracking device also performing strongly in its natural element.

Even though Christmas is now gone, a Yellowbrick personal tracking device still makes a great present, at any time of year.


South Pole Tent



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