Yellowbrick for the Adventurer – The Tracking and Messaging Solution for your Expedition

Yellowbrick for the Adventurer

Yellowbricks have been the choice for the modern expeditioner since they hit the market. There is simply no other tracking and two-way messaging system that provides global coverage, extreme reliability and low cost of ownership. Tough Yellowbricks have made a legendary name for themselves in the adventure community and they have been utilised in an impressive list of expeditions.

Whether your team is off to the wild rivers of Africa, the Himalayan mountains of Nepal (sponsored by G-layer),  the South Pole or the unforgiving Aussie outback, the Yellowbrick will not let you down.

If your adventures take you beyond the range of a mobile phone (and we hope they will), then you’ll need a satellite tracking solution to report your position to friends, family and followers. Two way communications are critical, not just for safety but also for blog updates, tweets and Facebook posts.

The Yellowbrick brought to you by G-layer does all this and more.

Getting low on fuel? Get a message to your support team instantly.
Running out of freeze dried meals, or beer (even worse)… you can let your backup team know with a few keystrokes.

You know that message will get through perfectly, with no drop-outs, and no holes in the coverage like other trackers. If your Yellowbrick can see the sky, it will accurately report positions and get messages in and out, it’s that simple.

Iraq Map

The Yblog promotes your adventure with live updates…

Every Yellowbrick comes with its own blog page and live online map – a great way to increase public interest and promote your event, or simply to provide updates to your followers and the folks back home. You can link directly to the map, or embed it in your own site.


The Yellowbrick is a tried and tested, fully-automatic and self-contained satellite tracking and messaging device. It will report its position accurately, and send messages without drop-outs, from anywhere on Earth, including ocean, outback and polar regions.

It is waterproof, lightweight and engineered to withstand extreme environments like no other.



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