Yellowbrick: a Game Changer at the North Pole

North pole camp

This month is a very exciting development for G-Layer, as we are proud to be part of a media expedition to the real North Pole: 90° N!

To support this daunting journey, we have provided expertise and equipment for the entire expedition, including custom made winterised components.

North Pole Elicopter

We are very pleased that all our gear performed as expected, even in the screaming wind and -35° C temperatures, but the star performer again was the Yellowbrick mark IIs we took with us.

At some times on the trip, even some of the satphones were frozen solid, but the Yellowbricks just never stopped working, getting positions and data out to the base team for the entire trip.

Yellowbrick equipment

The YB3s provided live position reporting, and two-way messaging while we were ski-trekking toward the pole.

In fact, they were the only communication device usable with heavy gloves which are essential at -35°C.

Barneo Ice camp

For G-layer the North Pole Expedition was a first – it was a great experience into the wilds of the Arctic, and now we’re locked in for a South Pole expedition next year.

We are very happy to report that keeping the communications rolling was a mission we carried out perfectly for this trip and the high profile team we worked with.

Iridium OpenPort

We are pleased to have done such an extreme test of our gear, especially the Yellowbricks, in the harshest conditions, and we are proud to offer these very same Yellowbrick trackers to our Australian customers.

getting ready the sled





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