The Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System – Safety on the water

Keeping you and your vessel safe, the easy and affordable way with Yellowbrick GPS tracker.

Like most of us who live in Australia and New Zealand, the team at G-layer like to get out on the water as often as possible, especially at this time of year with the sun, wind and waves making for perfect boating conditions. Of course we are never out there without our Yellowbricks, whether on a run-about, half-cabin, yacht or jetski – the Yellowbrick GPS tracker clamps easily to a rail with the custom quick release mount and happily reports positions back to the web all day long. It’s just simple peace of mind for our families and friends to see where we are on our own YB web page.

The extraordinary battery life of the tracking devices means they do not need to be hard-wired for journeys of a few days, weeks or longer, but if a permanent installation is needed for say, a yacht or a trawler, then the purpose-made permanent power pack will do the job long term and it’s fully rated for outdoor use.

How can Yellowbrick Tracking Devices Help Boaties

Protecting your boat with Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

Having a Yellowbrick permanently installed in your vessel also offers a great advantage in the unfortunate event of theft or loss – if your Yellowbrick tracker is set to transmit its position at least once a day, then you will know exactly where your expensive boat is. You even have complete control of the tracking device through the web interface, so it’s possible to increase the tracking frequency to every few minutes if you want a closer picture on the location of your vessel. Location, course and speed will be updated as often as you (…or the authorities) require.


Yellowbrick GPS Tracker – pro solution for your boat

It is very possible on fibreglass vessels, even personal watercraft, to have your Yellowbrick GPS tracker secured in a hidden location with it’s own power supply, reporting everyday, and even to send an alarm if the power supply is interrupted, or a geo-fence zone is breached*.

The sensitivity and advanced feature set of the Yellowbrick GPS tracker, and the simple yet powerful web interface make this kind of pro solution to securing your vessel a no brainer.

* on supported models.



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