Yellowbrick – Helping Bring Medical Aid to Isolated Communities in Papua New Guinea

This year G-layer has been pleased to provide the charity YWAM Medical Ships with a Yellowbrick GPS tracker to assist them with their invaluable work in Papua New Guinea.

YWAM (Youth with a Mission) have been operating the YWAM Medical Ship out of Townsville since 2010, bringing much needed medical services to remote locations in PNG. (

Many rural communities in this nation have no hospitals, doctors or any medical facilities for miles around. In fact, around six million Papua New Guineans do not get any basic health services. The YWAM Medical Ship offers on-board facilities from simple infection treatments, to life-changing cataract surgeries. All the work is done on a voluntary basis.

Papua New Guinea GPS Tracking

Yellowbrick GPS tracker keeps the volunteers safe

With the help of our GPS tracker, the crew can send small inflatable boats to survey areas of the Fly and other PNG Riversbefore accessing them with the 37-metre hospital ship.

In areas inaccessible to the ship, the small boats often have to travel very long distances to pick up surgery patients. The Yellowbrick GPS tracker provides peace of mind for the crew that their progress is being monitored.

Captain of the medical ship, Jeremy S Shierer said,  “In many days the Yellowbrick has travelled more than 200km in the small boats in very remote places and it is great for the watchkeepers on the ship to be able to keep track of the small boat’s location.”

Of course, if anyone does get into any trouble, they can simply press a button and know that their nominated person will be immediately notified.

For more information about the YWAM medical ship, visit

Yellowbrick - Helping Bring Medical Aid to Isolated Communities in Papua New Guinea



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