Yellowbrick in the Skies

Yellowbrick makes an exceptional Aircraft Tracking Device

Our adventures with G-Layer have taken us to some far out places, from mountain tops to polar ice caps, and also to the middle of the world’s oceans. Out there working on some larger vessels we have at times been lucky enough to ride along on some heli operations. Using a helicopter on land has plenty of hazards associated with it, but when they are coming and going from a moving ship, it’s clear these risks are greatly multiplied.

Something that must be considered is the necessary actions if a heli goes down, or goes missing at sea – for this reason strict reporting schedules are used – and this is where the Yellowbrick  Aircraft Tracking Device have proven their worth many times over. When acting as an aircraft tracking device, the Yellowbricks can be set to transmit every minute, or even faster in continuous mode reporting speed, heading and altitude with every fix.

Aircraft Tracking Device – Yellowbrick V3 MKII Pro

When operating multi million dollar hardware with several lives onboard, there is nothing like the ability to track reliably in realtime, and see that everything is ok. The mothership can just call up a low bandwidth web page and follow the heli ops like a video game, but of course this interface is also available to the operations managers on dry land, which is a feeling of security for everyone.

Yellowbrick V3 MKII standard version

Yellowbrick V3 MKII Standard Version

We have provided Yellowbrick trackers to aircraft fleet operators, and they couldn’t be happier with the results they can see live – all their expensive hardware, pinpointed on a map in real time – not to mention the relief of knowing their personnel are safe when an aircraft tracking device is used.

This is especially true when operating over unforgiving terrain, whether it’s the endless ocean or the jungles of the Amazon basin, as an aircraft racking device, the Yellowbricks are second to none.

Yellowbrick aircraft position reports over south america amazon basin

Another great aspect of the Yellowbricks is the two-way communications that they provide from the cockpit. No need to rely on the scratchy HF or expensive and fussy sat-phone to talk back to base.

Yellowbrick two-way text messaging – Aircraft Tracking Device reliable, simple, affordable

The pilot uses the Yellowbrick app from his android device

The pilot uses the Yellowbrick app from his android device

This is made all the easier when connected to the Yellowbrick app, a free download for Android and IOS. We know how many pilots are flying with their iPads mounted in the cockpit now, they make great virtual flight bags, and the Yellowbrick app means accurate communications is just one icon click away.

You’ll never be lost or out of touch, when you’re in the skies with the Yellowbrick aircraft tracking device.




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