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Yellowbrick at North Pole Expedition

Quite often we hear the question, “Why should I buy a Yellowbrick? Why choose your GPS tracker over the competition?”
So this week we decided to explain why purchasing a Yellowbrick tracker is the clever option that will save you money in the long run.

G-layer has been importing Yellowbrick and Rock7 products from the UK for a couple of years, since we first bought a Yellowbrick GPS tracker for a job in the Amazon jungle. We had tried other trackers before, but were far more impressed with Yellowbrick products. Once back in Australia, we thought we should share the benefit of our experience by importing those trackers here, where there are some of the harshest conditions in the world.

What first impressed us about the Yellowbrick was the promising features on the specs sheet, which we soon discovered were all packed in there and functioning as described. As well as the reliable electronics, we loved the simplicity of the design. Instead of fancy coloured screens there is just one versatile OLED display which never fails, a
bit like the brain of the Space Shuttle! That’s why, in its RockSTAR Pro version, our tracker is the choice of the outback professionals (see this article).


What makes Yellowbrick different?

Total global coverage and long battery life are two things that make Yellowbrick GPS trackers unique.
A huge 5300 mA LiPo battery makes sure you can keep going into the wild for weeks at a time, and the Iridium constellation will follow you to the end of Earth, as the footprint is global and does not have blind spots.

Yellowbrick’s reliable two-way messaging system is also special, as you can send and receive messages without the need for a tablet device. But if you do have one, you can connect your Yellowbrick GPS tracker using Bluetooth and capitalise on all the advanced messaging functions.

There is a misconception that Yellowbricks are more expensive than the competitors. While the high-quality components and features do mean a bigger purchase price upfront, there are no lock-in contracts or activation fees. The competitors’ hardware may be cheaper, but they will lock you in for a minimum one-year contract. This means Yellowbrick has overall lower costs of ownership and it is better value for money than its competitors.


ice group-the coldest journey

That’s why the Yellowbrick GPS Tracker is the Smart Choice

Yellowbrick is the ideal GPS tracker for professional adventurers, but the pricing structure means it is also the economical option for casual hikers, weekend off-roaders, dirt bike riders, or anyone wanting to keep in touch and be safe in remote locations.


The Legendary Yellowbrick Support

Finally, the thing that puts us apart from the competition is our commitment to personal service. Just like the team at Yellowbrick UK, here at G-layer we always strive for excellence, which means our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

We will always go the extra mile and make sure, wherever on Earth you are, your Yellowbrick tracker is always meeting your needs 100%.

Contact us for more details.

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