About Us

G-Layer is a dealer for YB tracking and Rock7 location technology in the Australia Pacific region. 

We specialise in providing solutions for data, communications and automated tracking in difficult environments to the far corners of the globe.

We draw on our decades of experience in connecting remote areas with the rest of the planet. We have worked with some of the world’s largest NGOs as well as on ocean-going vessels, in Antarctica, the Amazon jungle, the Indonesian rainforest, the Himalaya, and the polar circle.

 All this extensive experience has contributed to making G-layer the go-to solution for challenging field expeditions, news gathering, equipment installation, asset tracking and custom electronic constructions.

Our core values

G-Layer is an Australian registered business (ABN 69161615115), committed in offering high quality services to NGOs, Companies and individuals. G-Layer respects the environment, human rights and the culture of any ethnic group.


Meet the crew


John Murphy G-Layer


John has a background in the maritime industry and ICT. For several years he worked as an instructor in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area, teaching basic seamanship, bar crossings, coastal navigation and passage planning. He has also done a great deal of international work in the NGO sector, taking him to many and varied parts of the globe.

In much earlier days, John used to also enjoy aerobatic flying, throwing small aircraft around the skies even before he could drive a car. Of course he still wishes (out loud) that he had the time to go back to this hobby, maybe one day he’ll get his dream and stop talking about it so much.

In his off time, John works as a crew trainer and Rescue Skipper for the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, where he is responsible for coordinating Search and Rescue ops, working closely with the New South Wales Water Police and the Royal Australian Navy on exercises and operations. He also enjoys running on the beautiful beaches of the NSW north coast with his two insane woolly groodles.



Gianluca Morini G-Layer

Gianluca Morini

After travelling for work in over 60 countries, across 5 oceans and to the North Pole, Gianluca decided it was time to call Byron Bay home and start up a business in Australia, the G-Layer.

He’s been a marine Radio Officer since 1993 and owned a soldering iron since he was 13 years old.

Gianluca has a background in marine electronics, satellite communications and optic fibres. He has been working for many years as a field technician , bringing fast data communications to the most remote regions of the planet.

Whenever the task requires materials not commercially available or not exactly suitable, Gianluca doesn’t mind building his own equipment. So was born “Elettra”, which gave the first live feed to CNN from the Southern Ocean in 2008, and many other projects.

If you can catch him at the local pub, buy him a drink and he’ll be happy to tell you some war stories.



G-Layer is also committed to doing our bit for the environment as our work shop is totally powered by solar panels and the website is designed and maintain by Tjiltjapuna Web Designs who is an Accredited 100% Green Renewable Power user.

PO Box 187, Byron Bay,
Bundjalung Country,
2481, NSW, Australia
ABN 691 6161 5115