YB Adventure Tracker for Your Events and Expeditions

Whether you’re a polar explorer or even a high school expedition leader, YBTracking and G-Layer provide the best Adventure Tracker on the market.

The YB Tracker is a mature product, with a well-proven history of expeditions around the world. It is a fully automatic self-contained satellite tracking and communications device. It will report its position, and send messages, from anywhere on Earth, including deep ocean and desert and even polar regions. It is waterproof lightweight, and built rugged for extreme environments.

Promoting your Adventure with a YB Adventure Tracker can make all the difference in media, public and sponsor interest.

YB Adventure Tracker on the Kilimanjaro

In another perfect example of the YB Tracker’s use for Adventure tracking, Poltair School in the UK used a YBTracker on their successful expedition to mount Kilimanjaro:

Adventure Tracker Expedition

An example of YBTrackers in use on adventures, Poltair School, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and everyone at home could follow their progress online.

The Poltair Kilimanjaro Team returned from their expedition to Tanzania having successfully climbed Kilimanjaro with six students and Expedition Leader Helen Blackburn (Outdoor Education teacher). These tough young adults aged from 14 to 22 had the adventure of a lifetime in the unique landscape of mountainous Tanzania

Helen Blackburn, the Expedition Leader of the Poltair Kilimanjaro Team said:

‘YB Tracking supplied the team with a tracker throughout the expedition. It was a piece of kit that everyone took very seriously! It was a special day when you carried the tracker (it was daily rotated through the team members)! I believe that global tracking systems are the way forward for many expeditions and for ours it meant that family, friends and school could find out exactly where we were and enjoy the elation with us when we reached the summit – one family was awake during the early hours of the morning to see us reach the Roof of Africa!’

There is no doubt how effective online Adventure Tracking improves media relations and generates public interest in remote events.

Originally designed for adventure racing, YBTrackers are now used in polar expeditions, skiing, trekking, mountaineering, cycling and countless other activities that take place in areas where normal communications are non existent.

YBTracker’s alert features complement existing safety procedures, allowing teams to immediately notify organisers of a problem via email or text message.

YB Adventure Tracker on Cycling Australian Mission

Another great public use of the YBTracker for adventure tracking was Nigel Denison and Gordon Tait’s amazing cycling mission from the south to north of Australia – Wilson’s Prom to Cape York, nearly 5000km.

Tracker Device Cycling

Nigel Denison and Gordon Tait cycled nearly 5000km from the most southerly point in Australia to the most northerly point, raising funds for the Association for International Cancer Research. They were tracked by an original Yellowbrick Mark1!

Are you planning a mad adventure trip around Australia on a kayak, ultralight, or unicycle? Perhaps you’re attempting a world record, using a mode of transport never seen before…if you want people to follow your insane mission – you need YB adventure tracker, brought to you by the friendly team at G-Layer.

GPS Tracking Australia

Nigel and Gordon’s web map of their incredible ride.

You will have your own live map on the web, updating automatically every time a position from the YBTracker comes in. This can be linked to, or embedded directly into your website.

YB Trackers are available to rent* (*fleet rentals only for now) or purchase for your next big event. Our pricing is fully inclusive of satellite fees and access to the online tracking map so that you can either link to it, or embed it within your own site.

If you are looking to rent some YB adventure trackers for more than a month then it would be more economical to purchase a unit outright. Then it’s yours to keep for all your future adventures!




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