Antarctic Season 2014/15 – Our YB3 Trackers at the South Pole

south pole expedition

Busy time at G-layer. December in Byron Bay means surf and sun, but it’s also the time of the year when adventurers and explorers are heading to Antarctica, confronting the most hostile environment on Earth.

This year we are sponsoring two very special Individuals, and both of them are advancing on the ice as we speak.

They are Eric Philips and Tim Garrett, participating in different expeditions, but they each have a YB3 tracker and messenger.

Eric Philips – YB3, GO! And 9555 , the proper tools for the job

This year, Polar explorer Eric Philips will be busy with the expedition “South Pole Emperor Odyssey 2014”. It might be camping in the woods for him, it seems quite extreme to us. Meticulously we have helped Eric to prepare and configure his kit. He’ll have an Iridium 9555, the newer Iridium GO! athe venerable YB3 tracker.

G-layer partners with Eric Philips and Icetrek

We’ve reached him on Skype recently, here is what he had to say:

As always, G-Layer have stepped up to the mark and provided me with the latest in comms for my polar expeditions. Together with the dependable and indestructible Yb3 tracker, which updates Twitter and a Google map with my latest position, I now have the most advanced remote comms wifi device – Iridium GO! This tiny package is robust, weatherproof and simple to use (flick the antenna up and it turns the device on!), and, like the Yb3, connects via wifi to my iPhone to make calls, send emails, update social media and upload images. And, using special apps that sync everything and minimise unwanted data, GO! can get me on the net. 

Being a polar guide with a healthy respect for redundancy, I’m still taking my trusty 9555 Iridium handheld, which has better cold tolerance and functionality than my iPhone, but inside the tent GO! and smartphone are the…GO!

Thanks to Gionny and John at G-Layer for not only providing me with the best and latest in comms, but for solving every possible communications problem I can come up with. Like me, they go to the ends of the earth to make things happen.”

Well, thank you Eric! We’ll be checking on you regularly and make sure you’ll never run out of coverage. Looking forward to see you back in Australia!

Tim Garrett – All the way to the Pole with YB3 tracker and messenger

YB3 Tracking Device Tim GarrettTim Garrett is right now advancing toward the South Pole, and he’s chosen a YB3 tracker for this adventure supplied by G-Layer, with a soft pouch from our stock.

Tim will be able to rely on our help and support every step of the way. He is going to a very special place, but what we’ll do for him is just what we do for any of our customers, they are all special to us.

Beside a YB3 tracker, Tim also has with him an Iridium 9555. So far, communications are smooth and he’s been able to update his Facebook page on regular basis.

Follow Tim’s adventure here:

YB3 Tracker GPS

YB3 tracker and messenger – Rugged, Reliable with low costs of ownership

Total global coverage and long battery life are two things that make YB3 tracker unique. A huge 5300 mA LiPo battery makes sure you can keep going into the wild for weeks at a time, and the Iridium constellation will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

YB3 reliable two-way messaging system is also special, as you can send and receive messages without the need for a tablet device. But if you do have one, you can connect your tracking system using Bluetooth and capitalize on all the advanced messaging functions.

There is a misconception that YB3 are more expensive than the competitors. While the high-quality components and features do mean a bigger purchase price upfront, there are no lock-in contracts or activation fees. The some hardware may be cheaper, but they will lock you in for a minimum one-year contract. This means YB3 tracker has overall lower costs of ownership and it is better value for money than its competitors.

iridium go

Rugged equipment, Reliable connectivity – Iridium GO!

Powered by the world’s furthest reaching satellite network, Iridium GO! gives you pole to pole connectivity, under a clear sky.

This compact, sturdy and portable unit creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to five smartphones, laptops or tablets.

Iridium GO! is fully portable on its own, or can be mounted with an external antenna on vehicles and boats for mobile applications.


For more details on YB3 tracker and Iridium GO!, visit our website.

If you wish us to quote, just give us a call.



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