The Best Vehicle Tracking System for the Gibb River Road

The Best Vehicle Tracking System

Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system is as rugged as the Gibb river road.

After supplying it’s industrial version, the RockSTAR, to several customers in the Kimberly region, I’ve decided to go and take a joyride up there. It’s now dry season and the Gibb river road is finally an option for my average 4WD driving skills. So, worth hiring a truck, loaded with camping gear, spare tires and of course my Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system.

The Gibb river road starts just few kilometres south of Derby, it’s the western gateway to the outback. A long dirt road joining the coastal area of the Kimberly with the farthest cattle stations up north. Hundreds of kilometres of corrugated dust and breathtaking views.

We are just at the beginning of the dry season, the time of the year when many others, just as me have decided to discover the beauty of the Outback.

Rugged terrain, high temperatures, dust and unforgiving conditions are the perfect scenario for testing some new equipment, so I’ve brought with me a few new devices, including the new Thuraya SatSleeve and of course my Yellowbrick vehicle tracking device.

We will post a review of the SatSleeve next week so check back on this blog!

Many vehicle tracking systems are used while travelling this road, but I know the choice of the Outback professionals is RockSTAR, so this time I have with me a Yellowbrick Standard MK2, which is a RockSTAR wearing a yellow and black colour scheme.

Yellowbrick is the GPS tracking system capable of social media updates, messaging and tracking that we have sold to a large number of 4WD enthusiasts.

Gps vehicle tracking system

Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system – rugged, reliable and cost effective

You might pay a little more up front, but if you want a proven industrial product that’s not just a toy then the Yellowbrick is the unit that will look after you. When you look at the usage plans, and the zero lock-in credit system, it really makes great sense financially. With our monthly access system you only pay on a month by month basis, so you can save money between adventures. If your Yellowbrick satellite tracker is just sitting on the shelf waiting for its next adventure, then unlike our competitors it’s not costing you a thing.

The Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system is also a two directional messenger. Standard models, the one I took with me, and above will pair via Bluetooth to IOS and Android devices running the free Yellowbrick app. This enables advanced messaging features and much easier text entry. You can send and receive emails and texts, even update Facebook and Twitter. Now your followers and friends can see where your adventures takes you! The live web map is a hugely popular feature, with its clean and familiar Google Maps interface.

You can embed your map in your own website, if you have one, or simply use the Yblog, which comes with every Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system.

By purchasing a Yellowbrick, you will also have our free of charge friendly support. At G-Layer we like to go the extra mile for our customers.

Vehicle gps tracking Gibb river road

Truly global coverage – Yellowbrick is the vehicle tracking system that never lets you down

The most important thing to remember as you hit the outback trails, is that your Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system will never go out of range as long as it can see the sky. Many of our customers have found this hard to believe with their prior experience of sat networks, but the Iridium constellation is as reliable as the GPS network, which of course the Yellowbrick also uses. Combine this global coverage with extreme battery life and toughness, and you’ve got true peace of mind on your off-road fun.

If you want your gear to last and perform under any conditions. Our Yellowbricks were built from scratch to military specs so you know they can take the abuse. Try a RAM compatible quick release mount, which are just as tough as the bricks themselves. Available now in the shop.

Quick Release Mount
Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you choose a model of Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system that suits your adventures.



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