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  • Tall Ship Yb3 Tracker
    G-Layer proudly sponsors Tall Ship SV James Craig with a YB3 Tracker
    A new YB3 Tracker with full backup and support is to be used on the upcoming sea voyage, courtesy of G-Layer. The James Craig is 141 year old iron clad square rigger, that is well known to folks who get out on Sydney Harbour, and she is...
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  • Rockstar Keeping track
    RockSTAR Remote Worker Safety System
    A proven solution for workers health and safety in Regional Australa – Tenterfield Shire Council Maintenance and Service crew are deployed in isolated areas, as remote as only Regional Australia can be. They cannot rely on communication facilities on the ground such as mobile phone (GSM) networks...
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  • Hughes 9211
    Hughes 9211 HDR Inmarsat BGAN – G-layer takes delivery of the first unit
    An exciting morning at G-Layer HQ, today the courier called in with a special delivery from our supplier. It’s our first Hughes 9211 Inmarsat BGAN terminal, perhaps the very first to arrive downunder? We’ve been waiting a while for delivery of this new generation class 1 terminal...
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  • Adventure Consultants offering YB3 sat tracker to their customers
    Adventure Consultants offering YB3 sat tracker to their customers
    New Zealand based firm, Adventure Consultant is a world-renowned mountain guiding company with a legacy of climbing expeditions to the world’s highest peaks, and treks to the more remote corners of the globe. They offer 72 expeditions, treks and wilderness journeys to the Himalaya, Antarctica, Arctic, South...
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  • YB3 GPS Tracking Device For Rent – Starting This Week at G-layer
    YB3 GPS Tracking Device For Rent – Starting This Week at G-layer
    At G-layer, we take our customers’ demand very seriously, we like to make them happy and always offer the best value for money. We’re seriously committed to the quality of our equipment and service, with no compromises. YB3 GPS tracking device is regarded as the best locator...
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  • Racing Against Time
    YB3 Personal Tracking Device with Carey Vivian – Racing Against Time
    At G-Layer, we’re always happy to help whenever possible. Carey Vivian contacted us few months ago and asked us if we wanted to come “on board” and sponsor his adventure. YB3 personal tracking device was a perfect fit for Carey’s requirements for tracking and two way messaging....
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  • YB3 satellite tracking device
    Out and about with YB3 Satellite Tracking Device
    Going for a hike these days needs much more than just a vegemite sandwich and a bottle of water… we do a lot of remote area hiking and we have to take notice of the requirements of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services and other similar organisations....
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  • Christmas
    Merry X-mas from G-Layer
    Silly season at its peak. It’s that time of year again – whether we love it or not, one thing is certain, Christmas comes sooner every year. The holiday season is when many of us will be hitting the highway on the family road trip. It’s also...
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  • YB3 GPS Tracker Marine
    Wild Weather in the South East – YB3 Tracker put to the test
    This week at G-Layer we’re proud to publish a blog from Sabine Stainer. Sabine is a Master Mariner and a yacht owner we have supplied with a YB3 tracker. We have been invited to participate in the RQYC cruise this weekend, thanks to beautiful friends and their...
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  • G-layer partners with Eric Philips and Icetrek
    Antarctic Season 2014/15 – Our YB3 Trackers at the South Pole
    Busy time at G-layer. December in Byron Bay means surf and sun, but it’s also the time of the year when adventurers and explorers are heading to Antarctica, confronting the most hostile environment on Earth. This year we are sponsoring two very special Individuals, and both of...
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  • Adventure Tracker
    YB3 Adventure Tracker – Holiday Specials!
    Summer is coming, and for most Australians that means it’s holiday season! It’s time to enjoy our great outdoors, so G-Layer has decided to help you on your adventure by making your YB3 adventure tracker and messenger even more affordable for the next month. Whether you’re camping,...
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  • aircraft tracking glider
    YB3 Aircraft Tracking on the International Gliding Circuit
    G-layer‘s latest collaboration is with the Gliding Federation of Australia, who are renting some of our YB3 aircraft tracking devices to trial in their upcoming international events. This month is the Sailplane Grand Prix, which is a world wide glider race series. The Australian round is at...
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  • RockFLEET Asset Tracking - Coming soon, at G-layer think tank
    RockFLEET Asset Tracking – Coming soon, at G-layer think tank
    Exciting times are coming up for the G-Layer think tank. Business is growing and we’re getting ready to bring new products to our Australian customers. As “the shed” becomes bigger and bigger, we’ll soon need something capable of storing a large amount of new stock. Last year...
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The Best Vehicle Tracking System for the Gibb River Road

The Best Vehicle Tracking System

Yellowbrick vehicle tracking system is as rugged as the Gibb river road. After supplying it’s industrial version, the RockSTAR, to several customers in the Kimberly region, I’ve decided to go and take a joyride up there. It’s now dry season and the Gibb river road is finally

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Personal Tracking Device – Bushwalking with Yellowbrick

Personal Tracking Device

Yellowbrick personal tracking device – Mornington Wilderness Camp, Kimberly region. I have taken my Yellowbrick personal tracking device with me bushwalking in many beautiful areas, but recently I found a very special place where there a few people and many birds and animals. The Gibb River Road

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Yellowbrick GPS Tracker, there is No escape

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

There is no escape with Yellowbrick GPS tracker You’d think the Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys would be the perfect place to get away from it all; there’s no electricity grid, no paved roads and no GSM coverage. But when travelling with Gionny from G-Layer, I’ve

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Yellowbrick Sat Tracker – The Ultimate GPS Tracker for On and Off Road

4WD, camper or caravan, the Yellowbrick sat tracker has got you covered. You don’t realise what a huge country Australia is until you set out to cover some serious distance, and this is when a reliable and rugged sat tracker can be a lifesaver out in the

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G-Layer provides GPS Tracker and equipment to Expedition Hope – an update

GPS Tracker

G-Layer is sponsoring equipment and expertise for expedition across the Arctic Ocean, including the Yellowbrick GPS Tracker and Iridium AxcessPoint. Our friend Eric Philips, the renowned polar explorer, is still out on the Arctic ice sheet with the documentary makers Bernice Notenboom and Martin Hartley. They’re on

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RockStar – The toughest Personnel Tracker for Remote Regions

Kimberly Regional Service Providers – (KRSP) select G-Layer and RockStar for their personnel tracker needs. It’s was over a year ago that G-Layer was approached to provide a solution for monitoring remote workers for KRSP in Broome, West Australia. KRSP were keen to ensure the safety of

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Live Aircraft Tracking With the RockStar from Rock7 and G-Layer

Live Aircraft Tracking with Rockstar tracker

Flying in vintage aircraft with the RockStar live aircraft tracking in New Zealand. Something a bit different this week as one of the G-Layer RockStar aircraft trackers comes for a ride on a classic warbird over the beautiful Southern Alps of New Zealand. I’m over in Wanaka

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Aircraft Tracking System – RockSTAR

Aircraft Tracking System - RockSTAR

Staying Safe in the Skies with the RockSTAR aircraft tracking system. Knowing the whereabouts of an aircraft of any size has historically been a tricky problem. Original technologies were cumbersome and error prone, using HF and VHF radios, direction finding (VOR) and distance measuring equipment (DME) to

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Free shipping on Thuraya SatSleeve – Easter specials at G-layer continue

Thuraya SatSleeve: Imagine using your smartphone to place satellite phone calls well beyond the boundaries of the GSM network! At G-Layer we finally have available the world first satellite adapter for Smartphones and only until Easter we offer free shipping countrywide for every Thuraya SatSleeve sold! Easter

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Easter Specials at G-layer – Freebies for Every Yellowbrick Tracker Purchased

Eastern Specials Freebies for Every Yellowbrick Tracker Purchased

Easter is coming… and that means more specials at G-layer – Freebies for every Yellowbrick  tracker purchased. For a short time you can get a free soft pouch with every Yellowbrick tracker order, while stocks last. Easter is just around the corner, so we thought we’d celebrate

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