Save on your boat insurance with the Yellowbrick GPS tracking solution

gps tracking device boatYellowbrick and G-Layer provide the perfect GPS tracking solution for your yacht or powerboat.

If you’re a boat owner like many of us in Australia, then chances are you could be spending a small fortune on insuring your vessel.

Whether it’s for work, or a cruiser or weekender – a boat is a substantial investment. Most boats are worth more than the cars we drive, and we wouldn’t take to the roads without decent insurance cover.

Therefore, insuring our vessels is a big business in Australia with considerable costs, but there just may be a way to keep those premiums down thanks to the Yellowbrick GPS tracking solution.

Keep insurance costs down with the Yellowbrick GPS Tracking Solution

At G-Layer, we have recently been in discussion with the big names in boat insurance companies in the Australian market, and have some great news back from them.

Whilst they cannot guarantee all cases, it is very likely that a Yellowbrick GPS tracking unit can be classified as an anti-theft device (because indeed it is).

This could qualify you for a huge reduction, or possibly even a complete waiver of your theft excess, in the unfortunate event that your vessel is stolen.

This could easily cover the cost of installing a Yellowbrick. So all you have to do is check with your boat insurer as to what benefits they can offer to boat owners who have installed some sort of anti-theft device, like the Yellowbrick gps tracking solution.

GPS tracking solution

Boat theft is on the rise – fight back with the Yellowbrick GPS Tracking Solution

Boat theft is unfortunately a big black market in Australia, due to the ease of re-registering vessels interstate.

This has made it an easy activity for organised crime, with a major theft ring being busted in Queensland in 2010.

Around a thousand boats are stolen in Australia every year, and the figures are still trending upwards.

Don’t let your vessel be next on the list – talk to your insurer asap and see if they will offer a theft excess reduction for your new Yellowbrick device.

From the discussions we have had, the big players are willing to do this, and in the majority of cases this excess reduction is greater than the cost of the Yellowbrick itself.

Realtime gps tracking

Talk to your insurer – see what discount you are eligible for with the Yellowbrick GPS Tracking Solution

So although we hope it never happens – your Yellowbrick just might pay for itself many times over. Not to mention there is a very high chance of getting your vessel back when a Yellowbrick is watching its every move.

Please note that this info is indicative only, and any premium reductions would be on a case-by-case basis. Check with your insurer to see if you are eligible for an excess reduction in the event of theft of your insured vessel.

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