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Iridium GO! Is finally available at G-Layer in Australia.

Designed with the present and future in mind, Iridium GO! turns your Smartphone or Tablet (IOS/Android) into a satphone and much more…

Featuring voice, data, positioning, social media and GEOS alert, Iridium GO! Is a rugged and well designed connectivity hub, suitable for operating in the real world.

Rugged equipment, Reliable connectivity – Iridium GO!

Powered by the world’s furthest reaching satellite network, Iridium GO! gives you pole to pole connectivity, under a clear sky.

This compact, sturdy and portable unit creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to five smartphones, laptops or tablets.

Iridium GO! is fully portable on its own, or can be mounted with an external antenna on vehicles and boats for mobile applications.

Iridium Go sat phone hire

Iridium GO! –  Tested for you by G-Layer

At G-Layer we like to try before you buy, so we took a GO! out for a road test.

Iridium GO! Is easy to setup and the App is free to download.

From your smartphone, connected via WiFi (GO! Acts as an access point), you can control all the settings, besides being able to place voice calls, send SMS, emails and surf the web.
The unit is very compact and charges via USB. There is no on/off button, and the equipment energizes as you flick the antenna right up.

After the startup session, Iridium GO! is soon acquiring GPS and searching for the Iridium constellation. Registration with the Iridium network takes a matter of 20 seconds and you’re ready to GO!

Placing a call is easy. Iridium GO! will let you use your address book or you can just dial a number, inclusive of country code and hit the green button. The voice quality is good, much better than older Iridium handset.

Iridium Go Tablet

Sending messages is also very intuitive, while for sending/receiving emails and surfing the web, the use of a dedicated app for enhanced data compression is highly recommended.

If you own an old Iridium phone, you’ll be pleased to know Iridium GO! Is back-compatible with Iridium magnetic mount antennas (adapter sold separately).

We can foresee Iridium GO! being very successful in Australia. If you own a boat, a 4WD or travel to remote locations, you really might want to give it a fair GO!

Eric Philips to test Iridium GO! In Antarctica

This time we have tested Iridium GO! on a sunny day.

As we cannot create subzero conditions in Byron Bay, we’ll give one GO! To Eric Philips, who will see how far he can take it in Antarctica.

That’s right, our friend Eric will be going to Antarctica in early December. He will travel to the most hostile environment on Earth and will be able to test our gear to the limit. We will be supplying him with a YB3 and an Iridium GO!.

Iridium GO! features

  • 30.5-meter Wi-Fi hotspot with 2.4kbps data speeds
  • Enhanced voice services
  • Multi-User
  • Easy to Use with quick connection
  • IP65 (dust proof, shock resistant and water jet resistant)
  • Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)
  • GPS location services with positioning and online tracking
  • Enhanced emergency services
  • SMS, email, web browsing and social media
  • Firewall and controls
  • Open application development kit
  • Coverage – Global including the poles

Iridium GO! – technical specifications

  • Dimensions – 114 x 83 x 32  (mm)
  • Weight – 283 (g)
  • Hotspot Radius – 30.5 (m)
  • Standby Time –  >16 (hrs)
  • Talk Time –  >7 (hrs)
  • Durability –  IP65 (dust proof, shock resistant and water jet resistant), Military-grade    ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)


Iridium GO! Is now available at G-Layer.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you wish to know more about pricing and availability of Iridium GO!

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