Personal Tracking Device – Bushwalking with Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick personal tracking device – Mornington Wilderness Camp, Kimberly region.

I have taken my Yellowbrick personal tracking device with me bushwalking in many beautiful areas, but recently I found a very special place where there a few people and many birds and animals.

The Gibb River Road was built to service cattle farms in the 1960s, and cows have left their mark on most of the Kimberley region in northern Western Australia. Even areas that are no longer cattle stations often still have feral stock eating the grass and competing with native animals.

But one place that is different is the Mornington Wilderness Camp, about 90 kilometres south of the Gibb River Road, accessible only by 4WD in the dry season. It is owned by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and has been completely destocked, which is good news for the local flora and fauna.

Bushwalking in the sanctuary provides an excellent chance to see the Kimberley’s natural vegetation and ecosystems, and plenty of birds, reptiles and mammals. This is an extremely remote and rugged location. And a Yellowbrick personal tracking device provides peace of mind that you can call for help wherever in the world you might be.

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy have spent many years researching the biodiversity of Mornington, and they carefully manage fire and other threats, so this is a wonderful place to see the land as it might have looked before European settlement.

Bushwalking with Yellowbrick

Live to tell, with Yellowbrick personal tracking device

And while you look for the endangered Gouldian Finch or Northern Quoll, or a Bowerbird building its home, your friends and family can follow your progress on your Yellowbrick personal tracking device website.

It will transmit your position at regular intervals which you decide, and you can even update your social media sites from anywhere in the planet.

Personal Tracking Device

Yellowbrick personal tracking device & our commitment to ACF

By offering Yellowbrick personal tracking device “naked”, since last October, we have started a business sponsorship with the Australian Conservation Foundation. This is a project where our customers can decide to purchase the excellent Yellowbrick satellite tracker with no frills and donate $20 to ACF.

By importing Yellowbrick tracking devices without the packaging and charging devices, we significantly reduce their weight, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions by an estimated 3.7 tonnes per 200 units. The same shipment of 200 units will be 96 kilos lighter!

Customers can now choose to donate the cost of the charger and packaging ($17) to ACF, one of our country’s most influential environmental organisations. And for every “Naked Yellowbrick” sold, G-Layer will chip in another $3 (which we save in shipping costs) to round up the donation to $20.

With our Yellowbrick personal tracking device, we are proud to support ACF, donating part of our revenue to support the Australian environment.

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